Rack Mounted / Desktop Effects, Preamps, Processors and Compressors.

Palmer - PDI-03 4 Ohm

Made in Germany, The PDI-03 is a very simple to use piece of equipment. Two switches select between 6 filter presets enabling the unit to simulate various types of speakers and enclosures.
Low frequencies are affected by the three-way DEEP/NORMAL/FLAT switch. In FLAT position the sound is characteristic of an open-back 2 x 12 cabinet. The DEEP position reproduces the typical punch of a 4 x 12 stack.
The high end is affected by a three-way switch, MELLOW/NORMAL/BRIGHT. When using a heavily overdriven amp, the MELLOW position produces the warm singing “American” sound, whereas the NORMAL position has the bite of the classic “British” loudspeaker. In BRIGHT position, the top end is enhanced lending edge to lead guitar solos and brightness to rhythm parts. Spectacular sounds can be produced by mixing the dry FILTER OUTPUT with the LINE OUTS driving effects units.
With Manual
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Power Dynamics - PDD1200

1200 Watt Class D power amplifier. 600 per side. Stereo, Mono and Bridged modes, Balanced XLR i/o.
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Digitech - Vocalist Live3

MusIQ harmony processor effects pedal with pitch correction, harmony, delay and reverb.
Requires 9 volt AC power supply (not included)
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The Korg KMP-68 MIDI presents a straightforward and convenient solution with its 6 In / 8 Thru MIDI patch bay, elegantly housed in a rackmount design. This tool streamlines MIDI connectivity effortlessly.
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PreSonus - HP60

“Turn my headphones up!” “More me, I can’t hear myself!” “Turn down that click!” It gets old. Change that tune with the HP60 headphone distribution system. The HP60 is more than just a half-dozen headphone amps, it’s a field-tested solution to a host of common headphone-monitoring problems. With Manual.
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H||H - Tape Echo Unit

Vintage 1970’s Made in England - Tape Echo Unit! Dual Input with Variable Speed Control! Full working order *However Input 1 Gain Pot is scratchy - works in certain spots. 2nd Input Works perfectly.
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Behringer - MIC100

Tube ultragain preamp w/box, manual & power supply
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Arista - TAA-801B

Multi-Speaker Selector
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KAOSS PAD! Dynamic Effects Unit/Sampler.
* Requires 12 volt DC power supply with specialised centre pin (Not included).
As such so far this is untested.
Includes 2 GB SD card.
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Behringer - FBQ6200

31 Band Dual Graphic Equalizer
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Aphex - Model 104

AURAL EXCITER® Type C² with BIG BOTTOM™. Put the ZING in your STRINGS! The ZAP in your TRAPS, Make your SYNTHESISER WISER, Make your VOICE sound way CHOICE! Excellent Condition. w/PSU
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USB Midi Interface - 8 I/O's and SMPTE. With PSU and usb cable.
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