Rack Mounted / Desktop Effects, Preamps, Processors and Compressors.

Behringer - ULTRA DI PRO DI800

8 Channel powered DI
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Vestax - DDG-1M

1990’s Made in Japan - Intended as outboard effect gear for DJ setups but it is actually an incredibly versatile Digital Delay that lends itself beautifully to Guitar / Synth / Drum Machine setups.

Two Channels - Instrument / Mic inputs 1/4’’ on the front and Stereo RCA IN/Outs on the back. Very high spec digital delay circuitry allows for very long or very short (ring mod/flanging frequency rates) repeats without degradation.

Speed can be manipulated (a la Analog style) but without loosing the higher frequencies.

Features and infinite Hold / Sample toggle that freezes the current repeat and keeps looping it.

Also features and LFO that controls Rate Modulation, allowing for nice vibrato effects.

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Roland - SRV-2000

MIDI Digital Reverb unit. Made in Japan. HUGE Reverbs! Very convincing for a digital circuit. 

Also features footswitchable 'Infinite' mode!
* Hardwired 117 Volt - Requires step-down transformer (Not included)

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Hoontech - Preamp 2000

Stereo DI/UBU/Mic Preamp w/power supply
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Behringer - ULTRA-Voice - VX2000

Behringer's new Ultra-Voice Pro is a high-end signal processor that combines a mic preamp, equalizer, compressor, expander and tube emulation into a single rack space. This makes it the perfect tool for direct-to-disk recording and demanding live applications.
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Symetrix - 501

The Symetrix 501 Peak/RMS compressor/limiter is a precision dynamic range controller intended for use in the most demanding professional audio applications.

The 501 is two dynamics controllers in one unit. Separately controlled, simultaneous RMS detection and peak limiting is provided so that the limiter can be set to prevent spikes and allow the compressor to control the signals without applying more than the desired amount of gain reduction. The 501 performs both duties with unsurpassed distortion and noise specifications. A full complement of controls gives the operator the ability to perfectly tailor dynamic response. This isn’t a one slider device; you are in control.

This unit is in very good condition ; USA VOLTAGE! Requires 110 Volts - Step Down transformer must be used (but is not included).*

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L.R. Baggs - Para Acoustic DI

Made in the USA. Preamp/EQ/DI
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PreSonus - Eureka

Class A solid-state mic preamplifier with +22 dBu of headroom, providing wide dynamic range and excellent transient-response characteristics.
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Digital Reverberator. World renowned and respected! Includes power supply
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TC Electronic - M-ONE

Dual Effects Processor
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Focusrite - Clarett+ 4 Pre

Clarett+ 4Pre is the compact, flexible interface designed to bring pure analogue sound to all your instruments. Eight inputs, four outputs; four Clarett mic pres, two Hi-Z JFET instrument inputs, four fixed line inputs, four balanced outputs and eight input channels over ADAT. w/ PSU and USB cable
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DSM - Simplifier Bass Station

Everything you ever needed to go direct to the FOH or recording amazing bass tones without sacrificing anything. It includes a Bass Preamp with gain, level, and a 3 band EQ with semi-parametric mid control. A parallel signal routing with a selectable LPF, dual FX loop (for preamp and parallel signal), and an amazing analog cabinet simulation, based on the acclaimed Omnicabsim ® by DSM Noisemaker. w/ box
Regular price $399.00