Keyboards, Synths and Controllers (with Keys)

SonicWare - Liven Texture Lab

Sample, slice, transform and reconstruct audio to synthesize completely new soundsThe LIVEN Texture Lab offers a wide variety of sound textures ranging from beautifully lush ambient pads to chaotically aggressive experimental noise that will take you to new sonic frontiers.The Texture Lab uses a granular processor that slices sounds into grains ranging from 2 ms to 1 second in length, then transforms and reconstructs them in a variety of ways, including manipulating grain shape, density, time warp, spatial position, and playback method to create entirely new sounds.Granular synthesis parameters are easily accessed from 10 knobs and are designed for intuitive control.
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1980s Made in Japan Digital FM synth with 5 sliders that let you edit FM sounds on the fly, with beats and bass lines. with built in speakers. Includes music stand and legs. Requires 12V DC power supply (we sell them for $20)
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Native Instruments - Komplete Kontrol S49 MKII + Komplete 13

49 Key Controller for MIDI / DAW - Comes with Matching Komplete 13 Software (de-registered) Excellent Condition! w/cover
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The DX27 is a full sized keyboard version of the DX100. Like all DX's it uses (FM) Frequency Modulation synthesis. It's not the easiest form of synthesis to program but can result in some excellent sounds.It is most renowned for its great analog bass sound that is awesome for techno!
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Vintage 1980’s Made in Japan - DX21 FM Synthesiser - Preset Patches can be loaded via Sysex or Cassette/WAV (heaps of cool ones available online). Currently Loaded with Vintage Keys sounds and other melodic percussion (such as Wave Tabla). In dual mode, ‘A’ Patch behaves differently based on the ‘B’ patch selection; as such the cross parameter dynamics are very fun and can lead to some very cool sounds. This one is in Excellent Condition EXCEPT for the clouded/leaked LCD Screen. SOLD AS IS. *100 VOLTS - Requires step-down transformer.*
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Roland - JX-3P

The Roland JX-3P analog polyphonic synthesizer is one of the first Roland analog synths to offer MIDI. Manufactured in 1983, the JX-3P features 6 voices, 61 keys, resonant low-pass and high-pass filters, 32 preset and 32 user patch memory, Roland's famous onboard chorus effect, and a 128 step sequencer. It is frequently paired with the PG-200 programmer to allow for easier patch creation. LED on patch 6 & 14 not working. One key not operational (probably a contact issue), and another intermittent, could do with a once over. 100V but includes step down transformer & gig bag.
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Roland - SH-101

First manufactured in 1982, the Roland SH-101 is an analog monophonic bass synthesizer most notable for its legendary use in techno and acid house music. It has a simple layout with features such as a single oscillator with various mixable waveforms, CV/Gate control, a 100-step sequencer, and an arpeggiator. The Roland SH-101 came in gray, blue, and red finishes, as well as a rare white finish, with an optional hand grip controller for keytar performance. It has been used by such artists as Orbital, The Prodigy, Aphex Twin, Devo, Boards of Canada, and Future Sound of London. Comes with rare mod grip and original soft case. Tuning mod is a little loose but the pot still works, a custom mark has been made to show where concert pitch is located on the dial.
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Moog - Grandmother Dark

A semi-modular analog synthesizer with a built-in arpeggiator, sequencer and spring reverb tank. *Now discontintued ‘Dark’ panel version.* Made in the USA/w All the original packaging, manuals and cables
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Modal Electronics - Craft Synth 2.0

Incorporating the power of 8 wavetable oscillators, CRAFTsynth 2.0 is an exciting modern monophonic synthesiser, not confined to just ‘mono synth’ sounds. With its complex and rich sonic spectrum, CRAFTsynth 2.0 produces modern and contemporary synthesiser sounds for new-school musicians, performers, sound designers and producers.
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Kurzweil - K2600

The K2600 is another amazing monster synthesizer from Kurzweil using their excellent V.A.S.T. synthesis. Truly an elegant synthesizer with a full keyboard of 77 semi-weighted keys (88 full-weighted keys on the K2600X pictured above), 8 real-time sliders, ribbon controller, pitch and mod wheels and total MIDI controllability. The amazing sounds are contained in 12MB of sample ROM, expandable to 44MB using optional sound ROM boards! State-of-the-art sampling is also available on the K2600S, K2600XS and K2500RS with an astonishing 64MB of RAM standard! And that's expandable to 128MB! A 32 track interactive song arranger is also on-board allowing you to create various and complex sequences and songs which can be triggered from a variety of sources. This sequencer is no slacker with pattern, linear, and step recording, cut, copy, paste, advanced groove quantizing, event list editing and other powerful editing tools with up to 16 songs and 16 arrangement tracks.
3 extra boards installed by Logitronics: Vintage EP, Orchestral and Piano.
Includes carpet-covered hard case, Portable USB diskette drive, bunch of disks and manuals
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YAMAHA - Montage 7

MONTAGE M7, the next-generation flagship synthesizer from Yamaha. Realize amazing sound with its three engines that recreate warm vintage analog synths, cutting-edge FM synths, and ultra-realistic instruments. The Motion Control engine enhances these capabilities, adding a unique fourth dimension of control to your music making. Unlike traditional hardware synthesizers, MONTAGE M7 seamlessly bridges stage and studio workflows with computer connectivity and integration.
In excellent condition!
Includes Gator case with TSA latches and wheels.
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YAMAHA - Melodica

Yamaha Melodica with blower and case
Made in Japan
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