Audio Interfaces / Soundcards


GO TWIN allows creators the freedom to record quality dual-track audio anywhere, any time using your mobile iOS, Android, Mac and PC devices. Now, record anything with any compatible device. Enjoy crystal-clear professional level 24-bit 48khz audio recording in a small, mobile package. Whether you’re a musician, podcaster, Youtuber or all three, being able to record yourself quickly and easily is essential to capturing inspiration.
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Focusrite - Saffire 6 USB

Channel USB recording interface. 4 outs (RCA). Run’s on USB-A power only.
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Focusrite - Saffire PRO 26

8 Analogue I/O Firewire soundcard. Includes power supply
* Check your operating system and drivers!
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USB Midi Interface - 8 I/O's and SMPTE. With PSU and usb cable.
* Check your computer operating system for compatibility
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Apogee - Quartet

Made in USA. USB 2.0 High-speed Mac audio interface. Apogee Quartet is the ultimate desktop audio interface and studio control center for professional recording on Mac and iPad. 4 x analogue inputs + Soft Limit. Soft Limit is Apogee's proprietary peak limiter that can be heard on countless platinum selling records around the world. w/ PSU
Regular price $750.00
Deer Creek Audio - MiniDSP

The miniDSP 2x4 HD is a high fidelity, high performance digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and digital signal processor (DSP) with powerful audio processing functionality. The 2x4 HD features USB and TOSLINK digital inputs, two analog inputs and four analog outputs. *NEAR NEW!* w/box and paperwork
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Presonus - Studio 18 x 24

8 x analogue combo jack input for instrument and microphone. High quality XMAX Class A preamps and high-end converters. 8 channel front panel level display and gain control. Very good condition. A great unit!
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Tascam - iXZ

TASCAM’s pocket-sized iXZ turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a recording studio. Plug in a microphone, guitar or bass to interact with the latest guitar amp, sampling, recording and DJ apps.
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Motu - Audio Express

4 channel fire wire and USB 2 interface w/ fire wire cable, powersupply and adaptor
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Apogee - jam

USB Studio quality guitar input/Soundcard/Interface. Connect directly to ipad, iphone, or Mac.
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RME - Hammerfall DSP Multiface

24-bit/96kHz Firewire 400 soundcard. 8 x 1/4’’ I/Os, ADAT optical I/O, ADAT-Sync In, S/PDIF I/O, MIDI I/O, word clock I/O, and a separate analog line/headphone output for independent submixing.
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Universal Audio - Apollo x4

Apollo x4. 12 in/18 Out, Up to 8 channels of additional digital input and output via optical ADAT or S/PDIF with Thunderbolt connection. Four onboard Unison™ mic preamps. QUAD Core UAD plug-in processing with near‑zero latency

redesigned A/D and D/A converters provide an increase in dynamic range and ultra‑low THD.
Previous owner has graciously de-registered the device and allowed transfer of extra plugins that were purchased. The extra plugins are as follows:
1176LN for UAD-2
1176SE for UAD-2
Ampeg SVTVR Classic Plug-In for UAD-2
Fairchild Plug-In for UAD-2 (Legacy)
LA2A Plug-in For UAD-2
Manely VOXBOX Channel Strip Plug
Marshall Plexi Classic Plug-In For UAD-2
Precision Enhancer Hz Plug-In for UAD-2
Precision Mic Rack Collection Plug-In for UAD-2
Pultec Pro Plug-In for UAD-2
Pultec Plug-In for UAD-2
Raw Plug-In for UAD-2
RealVerb-Pro Plug-In for UAD-2
SSL E Channel Strip Plug-In for UAD-2 (Legacy)
SSL E Preamp and Channel Strip Plug-In for UAD-2
Teletronix LA-2A Leveler Collection Plug-In UAD-2
UA 610-B Tube Preamp and EQ Plug-In for UAD-2
Regular price $2,400.00