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Thomas Organ Co. - 17B-2S4 Tremolo Unit

Vintage 1970’s USA - Rotating Speaker Drum and Baffle! Comes in Home Made Box. Original Speaker has been removed. Circular cutout added on bottom to allow larger magnets. Looks to be in good order but is SOLD AS IS and UNTESTED. Require Specialised 5 Pin Cable. This cable would carry both 240 Volt to the motor, a Switch Relay Signal and the Speaker Signal from an amp. Fun project!
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Hohner - Organa 12

Made in Germany circa 1960’s - Chord Organ! *SOLD AS IS - specialised two prong lead not included/available - Cannot test*
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Hammond - X5

Vintage 1970’s Made in Japan by Hammond-Nihon. Tone Generator Organ! Dual 49 Key Keyboards - Both Keyboards have manual drawbars as well as optional preset tones. Single Drawbar for the Bass Pedals (which also has pre set tone). Leslie Simulator, 2 x Vibrato Modes, Percussion with Variable repeat (very cool!). All working however the spring reverb has a peculiar sound (kinda like someone banging a trash can - very cool!) Comes complete with Bass Pedals and Stand (but no volume pedal)!
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Rhodes - MKII Stage 88

1980 MKII Stage 88.

The early MKIIs were popular as they still had the wooden keys as seen in the MKIs. Harold Rhodes hated the plastic keys, so it’s great when a MKII still has the wooden ones installed.

The keys are level and escapement has been appropriately set. It has recently been tuned and voiced by Geoff at Doppler Audio.

Great condition! No rust or corrosion on the tone bars or tines.

Includes original legs, cross bars, however is missing the sustain pedal and rod.
Regular price $7,500.00
Roland - FP-7F

128-voice polyphony responds naturally from pianissimo to fortissimo. Internal speakers. Computer connection via USB (MIDI). w/PSU, Music Sheet Stand, 2 Sustain / Damper pedals, Keyboard Stand and Carry Bag
Regular price $800.00
Rhodes - MK1 Stage 73

1978 MK1 Stage, with original lid, legs and sustain pedal (no rod). This model diplays the early version of Rhodes’ re-introduction of the bump mod, done with felt instead of a wooden step as seen in later models. The keys and action are in fairly good condition without much lateral movement & key bushings aren’t compacted. A number of the tines have surface level rust but could be cleaned easily with care. A number of magnets on the pickups are also showing signs of rust, but could also be cleaned and restored easily. The pickups are all in working condition except a single one that is broken and needs replacing ($16 USD). The piano would need the tuning, voicing, escapement and strike-line addressed to get it back up to a playable state. Electronics all in working condition. Missing one cross bar and cross bar knob. Would suit someone willing to put in some work to bring it back to glory.
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Lincoln - Chord Master

Fan powered reed organ, a meeting point between accordion and organ, with left hand chord presets. 3 Preset sounds for keyboard and two for chord section. In a studio friendly wooden cabinet. Compact and lightweight Italian vintage.
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Eterna - ER-10 Upright Piano

Student model piano made in Japan by Nippon Gakki who own Yamaha. Bright sound, great for rock and pop recording sounds.
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Korg - CX-3

The 1970's original analog clonewheel. The touring Hammond of choice for many bands. Pure analog transistor circuit with full polyphony. A very good emulation of the classic B3 organ sound but with it own unique harmonic flavour.
This is a 240V Model. w/ bag
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Unbranded - Foot Pedals

Two pedals for electronic piano - Sustain and Damper.
Single TRS jack cable for connectivity.
Made in Italy
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Vintage 1960's Japan. Electone organ as used by NZ 'Flying Nun' bands such as The Clean. 32 treble keys, 17 bass keys which can be switched to extend treble section. EXCELLENT working condition! RARE Cream Top! Comes with foot volume pedal , Lid & detachable legs.
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Fender Rhodes - Piano Bass

1972 Rhodes Piano Bass. Insanely rare in the country!
The 32 key bass was famously used by Ray Manzarek of the Doors.
This unit is in incredible condition, the only blemishes are a stencil of a previous owners name!
The Piano Bass has a deeper, more fundamental tone than the corresponding notes on a 73 Rhodes piano. The difference stems from the Piano Bass’s tone circuit built into its ‘’name rail.’’ The Bass’s tone circuit was designed to filter out upper harmonics. If you had a Piano Bass and a 73, and ran each keyboard’s signal directly from it harp (bypassing their name rail circuits), those 32 notes would sound identical.
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