Guitar Parts

Unbranded - Loaded guard

Wired up but untested. Schecter pickup + 2x unknown single coils (Likely japanese) loaded into a homemade steel plate guard. neck is 12.5k, middle no reading, bridge 11.6k
Regular price $40.00
Schaller - Tuners

3 a side tuner set. Made in Germany w/ ferrules and washers
Regular price $40.00
Gotoh - 6 In Line Strat Style Tuners

6 in a line gotoh tuners. /w screws
Regular price $40.00
Gotoh - Acoustic Guitar Tuners

3 a side acoustic tuner machine heads /w ferrules and washers
Regular price $40.00
Miscellaneous - Guitar Parts

Lots of stuff. Strat guards, some neck plates and screws. Bass and strat covers, humbuckers surrounds, knobs, some 12 string tuners and a couple set of 6 string ones. Unbranded trat trem block. Take a dip and fill ya parts drawer
Regular price $125.00
Unknown - LP Neck

binding coming off, big gouge out of the headstock, missing nut.
Regular price $40.00
Unknown - Strat Neck

Finish removed from the head and back of neck. Multiple attempts at screw holes.
Regular price $50.00
Fender - Stratocaster Neck & Body

Vintage 1964 Made in USA!
Heel stamp date 2 July 1964.
Maple neck with Rosewood fretboard.
Re-fret at some stage.
The body was originally Sonic Blue but has been radically stripped and hacked! See photos.
Original Tremolo block and arm included.
A small bag with a few random parts is also included (trem springs, strap pins, Socket plate, one pickup cover, screws).
A great restoration project! The neck is still in great order.

Regular price $9,500.00
Tokai - Jazz Bass Neck - JB75M

Made in Japan - 2000’s by Tokai for Fender. UNFINISHED - Truss rod installed, neck bound, inlays installed and neck roughly CNC’d to shape. No frets and neck needs fine carving. Great for custom project!
Regular price $125.00
Miscellaneous - Wah pots and Fasel

Vox black fasel from early 90’s Vox wahMcCon-o-pot ii wah pot 100kDunlop Black top pots (100k and 200k) x2
Regular price $100.00
CTS - Pots

Pure tone output jack, 2x 500k Linear taper short shaft pots, 2x 5ook audio taper long shaft pot. - New never installed.
Regular price $50.00
Joe Barden Engineering - Telecaster bridge

Telecaster bridge + switch / pot plate
Regular price $100.00