Guitar Speaker Cabinets

Palmer - PDI-03 4 Ohm

Made in Germany, The PDI-03 is a very simple to use piece of equipment. Two switches select between 6 filter presets enabling the unit to simulate various types of speakers and enclosures.
Low frequencies are affected by the three-way DEEP/NORMAL/FLAT switch. In FLAT position the sound is characteristic of an open-back 2 x 12 cabinet. The DEEP position reproduces the typical punch of a 4 x 12 stack.
The high end is affected by a three-way switch, MELLOW/NORMAL/BRIGHT. When using a heavily overdriven amp, the MELLOW position produces the warm singing “American” sound, whereas the NORMAL position has the bite of the classic “British” loudspeaker. In BRIGHT position, the top end is enhanced lending edge to lead guitar solos and brightness to rhythm parts. Spectacular sounds can be produced by mixing the dry FILTER OUTPUT with the LINE OUTS driving effects units.
With Manual
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Marshall - JCM 800 Lead - 1960A

Vintage 1980 / 1981 Made in UK - Original JCM 800 1960A 4 x 12’’ Cabinet. 260 Watts at 16ohm. Loaded with original issue Celestion G12-65 Speakers with the sought after ‘1777’ Kurt Mueller Cones! Speakers are a matched set of 4 x T3054 Models (16 ohms each). All speakers are working perfectly and are not tired/worn. No tears or repairs. Cabinet itself is structurally sound but tattered. Tolex missing from top and grill cloth very worn. Sounds fantastic! On Casters.
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Hughes & Kettner - STM 412

Statesman quad box, 240 watts mono, 2 x 120 watts stereo. Cosmetically very rough condition, but working fine. With wheels!
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Peavey - 212 Extension Cabinet

Extension Cabinet with 2x12’’ Blue Marvel speakers.
Includes original box
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VOX - Night Train V112NT

Loaded with UK made Celestion Greenback G12M 25w / 8 ohm speakerComes with Ernie Ball 6ft speaker cable
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Sovtek - 4 x 12 Slant Cabinet

De-badged Australian made Sovtek cabinet with Eminence speakers. 8 Ohms. Bolted to a dolly. Tolex a bit ratty in places.
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orange - pc112

1 x 12’’ closed back design, 18 mm birch plywood construction, 2 x parallel jacks for ‘daisy chaining’ to another 16 OHM cabinet (total impedance = 8 ohms) Hard wearing woven paper grille cloth, power handling 60 Watts (Mono) Speaker 1 x Celestion Vintage 30 Impedance 16 OHM
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Marshall - JCM 900 / 1960 Lead

Made in UK, 4 x 12’’ Quad Box.
4/16Ω Mono, 8Ω Stereo 4 x 12’’. 300 Watts!

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Orange - PPC212OB

120W 16Ω 2x12’’ Speaker cab. Celestion vintage 30 G12's
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Celestion - Truvox 1015

10’’ Speaker - 15 Watts - 8 ohms. Excellent Condition - In Box.
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Celestion - G12 M-70

12’’ 4ohm Made in The UK
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Pyle Driver - 15” guitar speaker

From a project amp. Circa 1970’s /80’s - 30-50w. 8 ohm. Unsure of it’s provenance. Works!
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