Preamps, Amp Accessories + Loose Speakers

Assorted - Radio Era Preamp tubes

approximately 100 valve radio amp tubes, a mixture of Mullards, Phillips, Miniwatt, Telefunken tubes. Most are in box. Absolute steal!
Regular price $80.00
Crate - Custom Design Speakers

2 x 8” CRATE Custom Design speakers. *Reputed to be re-labelled Eminence speakers. 16 ohm. 50 watt. Have been re-coned by Total Recoil.
Regular price $80.00
Warehouse Guitar Speakers - British invasion ET65

Housed in a Peavey Classic 30 combo ply shell. Containing a Warehouse Guitar Speakers ET65 65 watt 8ohm. *Not wired up
Regular price $150.00
Presonus - BlueTube

Dual Path 2 channel preamp. Includes power supply
Regular price $125.00
Hoontech - Preamp 2000

Stereo DI/UBU/Mic Preamp w/power supply
Regular price $70.00
Celestion - Vintage 30 PAIR

Pair of Vintage 30 Speakers! 60 Watts Handling - 16 ohms. w/boxes
Regular price $250.00
Rola - 12 PX

Vintage 60’s 15 ohm 12 inch Speaker
Regular price $95.00
Rola - 12 PX

Vintage 60’s 8 ohm 12 inch Speaker
Regular price $95.00
L.R. Baggs - Para Acoustic DI

Made in the USA. Preamp/EQ/DI
Regular price $235.00
Celestion - G12T-75

Small tear in the outer area of the cone. 16ohm
Regular price $140.00
Eminence - Reignmaker FDM

12’’ 8ohm
Twist the big knob to get up to 9dB of attenuation! Rare! Excellent condition w/ box
Regular price $350.00
PreSonus - Eureka

Class A solid-state mic preamplifier with +22 dBu of headroom, providing wide dynamic range and excellent transient-response characteristics.
Regular price $300.00