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Synthesizer. Turn your guitar into a classic synthwave textural monster!
Regular price $250.00
Sonic Research - ST-200

True Strobe display pedal tuner, claims of being the fastest responding tuner on the market! In Box.
Regular price $175.00
Sonic Research - ST-300 Mini

True Strobe display pedal tuner, claims of being the fastest responding tuner on the market! In Box.
Regular price $185.00
Montreal assembly - Count to 5

The Count to 5 is a unique take on a compact delay/sampler pedal. It has 3 main modes which allow pitch delays, random sampling and layered looping.
Regular price $370.00
Keeley - Omni Reverb

Excellent condition. Room, spring and plate reverb.
Regular price $150.00
Dunlop ECB151 Wah Feet

Lost a foot from your wah pedal? Sucks doesn't it?! It's all wobbly.

This is a 4 pack of brand new rubber feet with screws!

Regular price $8.00
One Control - Dimension Blue Monger

BJF Design completely new type of effect that blurs the lines between the Flanger effect and Chorus effect. Allows guitarists to create a “watery”, 3-dimensional modulation effect that gives your tone a sense of transparency and rich reverberation. * VERY LOW USE! Near New!** w/ box candy and box
Regular price $199.00
Line 6 - XPS-AB

A-B Switch for Variax 300
Regular price $80.00
Aria - AOC-1

Cool vintage octave pedal, w/box. Made in Japan!
Regular price $199.00
Black Cat - Mini trem

2-speed, 60’s trem-tones, staccato if you want it, snazzy looks, handmand boutique quality that we expect from Black Cat Pedals (and they always deliver) – the Mini Trem has a lot going for it. Backing off its Depth and Speed knobs turns it into one of the most pristine Clean Boosts ever only to be outdone by the inclusion of its Tone control that you can use to tailor your tone anywhere from swamp to sheen.
Regular price $199.00
Alketone - O.E.M. - Octave Cult

Superfuzz Style Octave Up Fuzz.
Voted best fuzz on planet Melmac four years running.
This unit was hand delivered by Smorg, high commander of the Imperial Cruiser 'Elite Kapow' on their ill-fated mission to make first contact with Steve and Darren from Bendigo.
As used on the seminal (and only) album by Bong Wizard, before the ugly breakup.Superfuzz Style Octave Up Fuzz - A tweaked clone of the fuzz circuit from an Ibanez Wau Wau Fuzz - Hand Made in Melbourne! Point to Point wiring - Custom Cast Aluminium Enclosure - N.O.S. Japanese Transistors. Very dynamic response to attack with odd and even order harmonics flying out of it in every which way! Unlike the originals, Unity Gain is easily met and the Octave Cult offers a wide range of boost. An internal trim pot can be used (with caution) to balance the circuit between Fuzz and Octave Harmonics (the stronger the octave harmonic, the less fuzzy).
Regular price $375.00