Stomp Boxes, Multi Effects Pedals, Wah, Volume and Expression Pedals

Electro-Harmonix - Hum Debugger

Hum Eliminator. Eliminates single coil hum from your guitar. Made in USA. Includes box and power supply
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Graphic 7 band eq stomp box
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Strymon - Timeline

Luxurious delay modeller, midi compatibility and stereo ins and out's. 12 delays to choose from with multiple parameters to edit the effects with, and inbuilt looper. Requires 9 volt centre neg psu
Regular price $480.00
One Control - Dimension Blue Monger

BJF Design completely new type of effect that blurs the lines between the Flanger effect and Chorus effect. Allows guitarists to create a “watery”, 3-dimensional modulation effect that gives your tone a sense of transparency and rich reverberation. * VERY LOW USE! Near New!** w/ box candy and box
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Line 6 - XPS-AB

A-B Switch for Variax 300
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Black Cat - Mini trem

2-speed, 60’s trem-tones, staccato if you want it, snazzy looks, handmand boutique quality that we expect from Black Cat Pedals (and they always deliver) – the Mini Trem has a lot going for it. Backing off its Depth and Speed knobs turns it into one of the most pristine Clean Boosts ever only to be outdone by the inclusion of its Tone control that you can use to tailor your tone anywhere from swamp to sheen.
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DOD - FX 35 Octoplus

The DOD Octoplus FX35 single-note octave pedal was initially released in 1986, its production lasting 8 years until its discontinuation in 1994. Though its circuitry may have been loosely based on that of the Boss OC-2, the Octoplus sports a Tone control for bass and treble that the Boss Octaver didn't have. For super quick tracking creating your suboctave notes, use the Octoplus with your neck pickup or after a boost or compression pedal.
* AS IS - switch is stuck ‘ON’. (Better than stuck off!)
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MXR - Super Badass Distortion

Provides a full and highly responsive spectrum distortion with a 3-band EQ to fine-tune your sound.
It’s not just Bad-Ass - it’s Super Bad-Ass!
With box and manual
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Catalinbread - Dirty Little Secret

Limited Edition DLS Red Mod MK III, Overdrive. Boutique. Hand made in USA. with Box, sticker, and bag.
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T-REX - Quint Machine

Octave up, octave down, 5th up · Individual volume controls, plus master mix · Ultra-fast polyphonic tracking.
With box and manual
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BOSS - CE-20

Chorus Ensemble Dimensional Processor
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Roland - SDE-1000

Digital Delay. * 110 volt - requires step-down transformer (not included)
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