Pickups - Acoustic and others.

L. R. Baggs - Para acoustic D.I

Made in USA. Pre amp and DI with notch filter, phase reverse, FX loop, works on 48V phantom power or 9V battery. XLR and jack outputs. With box
Regular price $188.00
YAMAHA - Acoustic guitar preamp

Shoulder mounted pre amp unit with cable and output socket, taken from an APX series guitar.
Regular price $125.00
Fishman - PRO-EQ II

Fishman PRO-EQ IIStompbox EQ for Acoustic GuitarTakes 9V battery9V DC power barrel slightly loose
Regular price $85.00
L.R. Baggs - Dual Source

Internal soundhole mixing preamp combining microphone and element active system. Element undersaddle pick-up. Onmidirectional FET condenser microphone. All discrete miniature preampmixer. Mono or split stereo operation. Phase reverse on pickup channel. Tunable low cut filter for microphone. Battery Bagg battery retention. Prewired strapjack harness. Remote control II.
Regular price $150.00
K & K Sound - Definity Pickup

The Definity System is a brand-new solution that delivers K&K's natural pickup power to a variety of difficult to amplify acoustic instruments in an elegant and easy-to-install package.
Regular price $99.00
Dean Markley - Promag Grand

Acoustic Soundhole pickup
Regular price $95.00
Shadow - Pickup

Passive soundhole pickup
Regular price $50.00
Orpheus - Strat Pickup

Staggered Pole Piece Single Coil Pickup loaded diagonally in humbucker sized mount. 8.45k
Regular price $80.00
Orpheus - Lipstick Style Telecaster Neck Pickup

Hand Wound Telecaster Neck Voiced pickup in a Danelectro Lipstick pickup casing! Hand wound by David Paul of Orpheus pickups. 7.3k
Regular price $100.00
L. R. Baggs - Anthem SL

Dual source steel string acoustic pick-up (under saddle and microphone).
Regular price $275.00
Seymour Duncan - Active Mag

A warm and natural sounding active magnetic sound-hole pickup that captures and accentuates the best qualities of your acoustic guitar.
Regular price $325.00
Belcat EGT-202 Guitar Transducer Pickup

Easy Mounting for All Acoustic Instruments.

RRP: $24.95

Regular price $20.00