Bass Amp Heads + Combos

Fender - Bassman 100

Mid 70’s Silverface Bassman 100. Stock 240 volt with master volume. Original knobs have been replaced with Ampeg Style Knobs. Comes w/ Flight Case.
Regular price $1,450.00
TC Electronic - Classic 450

Classic bass tones are tough. You don't want to carry a ton of vintage gear around and  you don't want to resort to modeling either.
You want something that sounds great, has the soul and vibe of yesteryear but the features modern bassists crave.
Enter Classic 450!
    •    Vintage Tone Control
    •    Spectra Comp - Per String Compression
    •    TubeTone - Shockingly Realistic.
450 Watts, 4 ohm - Very Good Condition!
Regular price $499.00
Roland - Cube 30 Bass

Cube 30 Bass 30 watt 10-inch coaxial 2-way speaker design and port. With COSM effects!
Regular price $275.00
Warwick - CL-112

1 x 12 150 watt bass combo, portable and rockable with a custom red grill.
Regular price $400.00
MarkBass - TTE800

Randy Jackson Signature 800-Watt Bass Amp Head.Preamp: TubeTube: 3x ECC83 + 1x ECC81 (compressor)Power Amp: Digital (TTE: “Tube Technology Emulator”)Power Supply: Special Markbass Digital Power SupplyPower: 800W @ 4 ohms / 500W @ 8ohmsEQ (passive) - BASS - MIDDLE - HIGHControls: compressor - colour (tube-driven VLE)Outputs: Speakers (2 speakon combo) - Line Out (XLR)w/ speakon cable, carry bag and manual
Regular price $1,250.00
Ampeg - SVT1000

The Ampeg SVT1000 Bass Head is a 1,000W (at 4 ohms) solid state bass amplifier head featuring a 9-band graphic EQ in addition to a 3-band parametric. The Ampeg SVT1000 also features a 5-way switch for instant EQ shifts in the midrange frequencies. Built-in limiter with a defeat switch. Bass amp head back panel has both Neutrik Speakon and 1/4’’ speaker outs. With amp cover.
Regular price $1,100.00
Ampeg - SVT-3 PRO

Tube state bass head.
275 watts @ 8 Ohms, 450 watts @ 4 Ohms.
Solid state power amp.
Includes CNB rack case
Regular price $950.00
Hartke - Hydrive 210c

250 watt 2x10’’ bass combo. *one knob sheared off but still functions.
Regular price $399.00
Gallien-Krueger - Backline 250BL

Made in China. 125 watt. 8 ohm. Solid State Bass Guitar Amplifier Amp Head. 2 channel, normal voicing and overdrive which adds a bit of grit, 4 band EQ and outpot boost and master volume. It also has a patch bey for FX loop, tuner and footswitch and XLR out. There is a single input jack with mini switch for -10db bass cut and tuning mute switch and channel select switch A/B..
Regular price $250.00
Aguilar - Tone Hammer 500

500-Watt Class D Bass head into 4ohm. 3-band EQ FX loop, XLR balanced out with pre/post EQ and ground lift.
Regular price $900.00
Jade - Hurricane Bass 75

75 Watt 1 x 12’’ Bass Combo with Compression and Lo/Hi Mid controls. Perfect practice amp!
Regular price $125.00
Beta Aivin - BP-80

80 watt bass combo, chorus is a no go, has a slight buzz and gets a bit crackle when EQ or Gain is cranked but fine for at home practice
Regular price $125.00