Bass Amp Heads + Combos

ORANGE - Terror Bass 500

500 watts at 4 or 8 ohms. Hybrid, full voltage tube pre-amp with two 12AX7s feeding a 500W Class D power stage. With Fender blonde amp knobs, shoulder bag, spare power PCB. DI out, effects loop. Capable of tube drive sounds or punishingly loud cleans. MK I version.
Regular price $799.00
Fender - Rumble 15

For bassists everywhere at all levels, Rumble bass combos are re-engineered to be astoundingly compact, portable and lightweight, with seismic Fender bass tone and stage-worthy features. The diminutive Rumble 15 pumps 15 watts of pure Fender bass tone. Small but loud, it's built with great features including classic Fender styling, 8’’ speaker and three-band EQ, and is a great practice amp.
Regular price $125.00
Roland - SCB-60

Made in Japan. Made in Japan. Super Cube Bass. 1x12’’ 60 Watt. Very good condition.
Regular price $375.00
Aguilar - Tone Hammer 500

500-Watt Class D Bass head into 4ohm. 3-band EQ FX loop, XLR balanced out with pre/post EQ and ground lift.
Regular price $900.00
Warwick - BC40

40 watt 1 x 10’’ bass combo.
Regular price $175.00
Fender - Bassman TV Duo Ten

Single channel tweed style bass combo. 2x10’’ Special design speakers, 12AX7 Tube preamp with a 350 watt Class D Poweramp. XLR output, removable castors.
Regular price $950.00
Hartke - HD50

50 Watt Bass amplifier combo, packs Hartke’s patented HyDrive speaker technology into a sleek combo. With aux input and headphone output for quiet practice.
Regular price $450.00
Jade - Hurricane Bass 75

75 Watt 1 x 12’’ Bass Combo with Compression and Lo/Hi Mid controls. Perfect practice amp!
Regular price $125.00
Ashton - PRO-4012 Bass Amp

40 Watt 1 x 12’’ Bass Combo! Nice Tight Sound! Very Good Condition.
Regular price $195.00
Beta Aivin - BP-80

80 watt bass combo, chorus is a no go, has a slight buzz and gets a bit crackle when EQ or Gain is cranked but fine for at home practice
Regular price $125.00
Eden - TN226

Terra Nova Series 225 watts at 4 ohm, Bass Head with Multi stage EQ , DI out and Enhance control.
Regular price $399.00
Fender - Rumble 500 V3

The Rumble 500 features a 500 watt power stage, 2 x 10’’ speaker, soft touch radio style knobs, switchable overdrive circuit, 3 voicing options, removable grill, ported cabinet design and its super light weight!!! With manual and padded Glove cover.
Regular price $750.00