OEM Repair Shop

Operational Electronic Manipulations - Electronic Services and Repairs by an Ordinary Electron Mechanic. 

Don't Despair, REPAIR!

Anything broken deserves a chance at being fixed before being chucked into landfill.  

OEM Focuses on component level repair work. Instead of swapping out entire circuit boards at the expense of greater cost and waste, OEM Electronics strives to repair that which has been previously deemed 'unfixable'. 

OEM Specialises in Roland Juno 6, 60 and 106 Refurbishment and Calibration, Korg Polysix battery-corrosion remediation, general battery corrosion remediation, as well as servicing all other Analog Synthesisers, Stompboxes, and other weird and wonderful electronics. 

*Repair Jobs are currently only being taken on under discretion and need to be approved prior to being dropped at the shop. Use the 'Contact Us' form to organise a quote/repair.*

**All work is inspected, approved and signed off by fully licensed Familiar, One-Eyed-Cat Tjala prior to completion.**