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THD - BiValve 30

Hand built in the USA! 30 Watt Class A pure valve head. Designed by Andy Marshall. Currently running EL34’s but can be substituted with NUMEROUS other types! Non-Master Volume circuit for pure unrestricted tone! Features instead a Built THD Hotplate Attenuator in lieu of master volume. Offers High and Low Plate Voltage, Lamp surge circuit (smooths out the dynamics of your attack). An amazing amp! *Attentuator just serviced and working super smoothly!*
Regular price $750.00
Peavey - 212 Extension Cabinet

Extension Cabinet with 2x12’’ Blue Marvel speakers.
Includes original box
Regular price $250.00
Peavey - Vypyr VIP 1

20 watt modelling combo with 1x8’’ speaker. Bunch of amps and pedal models. Light weight combo in excellent condition. AUX in and phones out. /w box and IEC
Regular price $220.00
Assorted - Radio Era Preamp tubes

approximately 100 valve radio amp tubes, a mixture of Mullards, Phillips, Miniwatt, Telefunken tubes. Most are in box. Absolute steal!
Regular price $150.00
ORANGE - Terror Bass 500

500 watts at 4 or 8 ohms. Hybrid, full voltage tube pre-amp with two 12AX7s feeding a 500W Class D power stage. With Fender blonde amp knobs, shoulder bag, spare power PCB. DI out, effects loop. Capable of tube drive sounds or punishingly loud cleans. MK I version.
Regular price $799.00
Hughes & Kettner - STATESMAN QUAD EL84

The 40W Statesman Quad EL84 pumps out a range of rock tones into a 12″ Eminence RockDriver Cream speaker. In spirit and in substance, this is the kind of voicing people have been jamming to since the early ’60s. It includes an Accutronics spring reverb, a footswitchable effects loop, and Twang and Boost switches.Recently serviced by Dale Sherlock, new set of valves.
Regular price $700.00

Vintage 1990’s Made in UK - 1 x 12’’ Celestion Speaker - 100 Watts - 3 Band EQ with Gain and Vol controls and OD channel! Features Accutronics Spring Reverb! Very Clean Condition.
Regular price $125.00
Hughes & Kettner - BR 410 H

4 x 10’’ Bass Cabinet 300 Watts 8 ohm - On castors!
Regular price $450.00

Classic Model. Sporting an ultra-compact design, onboard three-band EQ, and a total of 16 selectable amp and effect modulations powered by Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM). w/psu
Regular price $299.00
Laney - VC30

Designed in the UK - 2 x 12” All Valve Combo! 4 x EL84, 12AX7 Preamp - 2 x Celestion Seventy-80 Speakers - Spring Reverb with Clean and Drive Channels. A little tatty looking but fully working. An excellent sounding amp!
Regular price $500.00
Laney - CUB-112

This open backed 1 x 12 Cabinet is lightweight and easy to transport and makes an ideal partner for any Laney guitar head. This cabinet delivers pure vintage tone in a small format and can be used in either landscape or portrait and is the perfect partner to the CUB-SUPERTOP. At the heart of the cab is a custom voiced HH driver. This driver features enormously detailed and complex overtones, a warm low-end, a rich vocal mid-range and a beautifully detailed top-end. Used to reveal the complexities in the CUP-SUPERTOP this cabinet delivers a wonderfully intricate vintage 3D tone. 8 Ohms.
Regular price $250.00