Guitar Pickups - Single Coil, Humbucking & P-90

Unknown - Tele Pickups

A set of 3 pickups for a nashville style tele setup. 2 tele sized and one strat sized. Measuring 11.5, 11.4, & 14.4 Ohms.
Regular price $69.00
All Parts - Tele pickup set

Bridge reads 6.6, neck reads 7.1. includes 3 way selector switch
Regular price $120.00
Fender - Tele pickup set

Ceramic tele pickups pulled from a mexican Telecaster.
Regular price $65.00
Gibson - 490R & 498T Humbucker Set

PAIR - 7.88k and 13.9k. Chrome covers. w/boxes
Regular price $200.00
Lindy Fralin - Split Blade

Designed as a fully noise-canceling replacement for Strat-style pickups with all the high-end clarity you expect from a traditional single coil. 4.5k
Regular price $99.00
DiMarizo - DP184

Chopper pickup - The Chopper™ is the louder, punchier brother of the Fast Track 1™. More power is concentrated in the mids and low end for a bigger sound with more crunch. Approx 9.16k.
Regular price $90.00
Bill lawrence - Single Coil Pickup

5.28k. Rail style pickup. Made in the USA
Regular price $75.00
Fender - Ultra Strat Modern Set

Fender Ultra Noiseless pickups are the pinnacle in stacked single-coil design, crafted with new winding techniques for livelier and more expansive tone. Alnico 5 magnets with polysol wire deliver a vintage voice with classic bell-like chime without the 60-cycle hum.Ultra Noiseless Vintage Strat SSS pickups feature lower output for classic Stratocaster tone with no hum. /w Box and screws and springs
Regular price $275.00
Fender - Jazzmaster Pickup

Jazzmaster Pickup - Made in Japan (single coil in large bobbin). 6.2k Ohms. Neck or Bridge Position. With Case and Screws!
Regular price $60.00
Line 6 - G30

Wireless guitar system. Transmitter faulty - won’t pair with base. Would suit buyer who wants a spare receiver.
Regular price $40.00
Unbranded - Loaded Pickguard

Made in Korea Startocaster scratchplate with three single coil pickups and wiring
Regular price $75.00
Klein - Pick-Ups

1952 Broadcaster Set. Epic series. As new in box, has not been opened or installed
Regular price $260.00