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The SY-55 is a digital workstation that is based on samples-playback and also one of the first rompler workstations by Yamaha to ditch the DX7 FM synthesis. It is a 2nd generation 16-bit AWM2 system that makes use of wave data digitally at 32kHz or 48 kHz. The SY-55 also has 24-bit internal signal processing capabilities along with high-res 22-bit digital-to-analog converters. Thanks to its digital filter system, it is possible to shape sound in real-time and it comes with two megabits of sampled waveform ROM for a choice of 74 individual waveforms. In addition, it has a versatile 1,2, or 4-element voice architecture and complex envelope generators to provide users with extensive sample layering capabilities.The SY-55 sequencer has eight tracks and can hold eight songs. It has a memory capacity of 8,000 notes. The SY-55 also provides 34 fully editable effects, ranging from reverbs and delay to digital distortion and more.In full working order and in excellent condition! **100 VOLT Model - Requires Step Down Transformer***