Tone Collector Custom - The Beard 3904


Regular price $420.00

Serial number #00! - 3904 version (mid hump/ high gain). Hand made in Canada.

Coming in Hot and LOUD, The Beard destroys. Falling somewhere in the ‘’Fuzzstortion’’ range, this pedal gives you tight crunch all the way to blown out fuzzy, saturated bliss and more. Get those Doomy, Stoner tones with more clarity and aggression. Harmonic destruction that cleans up nicely with your guitar’s volume knob. No muddy mids-washout, actually HEAR yourself in the mix for a change. BIG volume boost to mark your territory like a dog.

Volume controls the tone shaping, Bias dials in the gate/bumblebee. HPF Toggle tightens up the bottom end when needed. Filter toggle cuts out some highs, cleaning up ‘’fizzyness’’ in deep saturation or giving an almost overdrive tone when cutting bass. Top quality components and wiring make this pedal nearly indestructible.

*Huge Selection of Transistor Pairs, including Customization *Vishay/Nichicon/JB/WIMA Capacitors
*1watt Metal Film Resistors
*Tayda High Quality Pots
*Alpha High Quality Footswitch
*Neutriks 1/4’’ Jacks
*125b-size Enclosure
*Fluted High Quality Plastic Knobs
*Forever-Lasting Metal Etched Artwork
*Multi-layer Clearcoat
*Glow-in-the-Dark Interior and Backplate
In original Top-Quality Kraft box w/ Swag Pack

The wiring in every pedal, while basically similar, is unique to itself and will vary slightly. This does not affect the sound in any way but ensures you have the only one like it.