OZ Inventions - Expression FX


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Black Magic Motion, wireless motion controlled audio effects controller. Used for musical expression, enabling your movements or even the movements of someone else, to shape your sound.
The TRS model works somewhat like a traditional expression pedal in that its internal electrical resistance is changed and used to modulate a chosen effect such as volume, pitch, wah, tremolo and vibrato. The difference between a traditional expression pedal and ‘Black Magic Motion’, is the method used to create modulation. The method with a traditional expression pedal is the user’s foot rocking a pedal back and forth. The method with ‘Black Magic Motion’ is the movement of the sensor module. The module can be placed for example on a hand, leg, electric guitar, microphone or any other location. It is the small size of the sensor module and its placement that provides motion dynamics and dexterity advantages over that of a traditional foot pedal.
With PSU and instructions. https://ozinventions.com/xpression-fx/