Rhodes - MKII Suitcase 73


Regular price $7,999.00

1982 MKII Suitcase fully restored!!!
With an intact and working Janus preamp, this beast sounds absolutely slick!!
The piano has been fully restored by a Rhodes tech, including new hardware, new rhodes logo, new hammer tips, new damper felts, new pedestal felts, new springs, grommets, tone bar screws & washers.
The action has been regulated, strike line set, escapement set & damper arms adjusted accordingly. It has also been fully tuned, pickup volume set & voiced to have just the right amount of bark.
Honestly sounds amazing!!
Includes Matching Rhodes 4 x 12’’ speaker cabinet!
It has not had any upgrades or restoration applied but is in full working condition with black grill cloth. Running on 240 volt (original international transformer inside).
Also comes with MKII music stand.