Ensoniq - ASR-88


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Made in USA. 1997. A super powerful synthesizer and 16-track sequencing workstation keyboard. Features true stereo Sigma-Delta (one-bit) 64 times oversampling technology with a selectable sample rate of 30kHz or 44.1 kHz. Samples can be recorded from a variety of input sources including: the stereo audio inputs, the optional DI-10 Digital I/O Board (consumer AES/EBU digital interface) or the ASR-10’s own Main Audio Output (for resampling). incorporates effects processing into a sampler in new and exciting ways — with 50 different 24-bit effect algorithms, the ASR-88 provides a complete arsenal of signal processing and conditioning tools for your use. State-of-the-art Reverbs, Chorusing, Flanging, Phasing, Distortion, Digital Delays, and Speaker Effects, will make your sampled sounds and sequenced music sound totally professional. Signal conditioning effects, like EQ, Compression, and Ducking can be used to process sounds as they are being sampled to get the perfect sound everytime.The ASR-88 offers continuous audio monitoring of the stereo audio inputs on two dedicated Audio Tracks. The audio inputs can be monitored through the effects and if desired, audio input can be sampled through the effects. Audio Tracks also allow live external signals to play through the effects processor, so that you can use the ASR-10’s high quality effects on other instruments in your rig, or allow fellow musicians to plug right in and play — no mixer required! The ASR-10 also has the ability to resample sounds with effects in real time. For example: add reverb to a drum sample, resample it, then reuse the effects processor to further color your music.SequencingThe ASR-88 is also a 16-track sequencing workstation with complete mixdown capabilities. You can record and edit your performances with a wealth of creative tools. And only ENSONIQ sequencers allow you to audition your changes to decide which version to keep. This flexible combination of high fidelity sampling and synthesis, versatile effects processing, and sequencing is what makes the ASR-10 unique.**120v - comes with Stepdown transformer to use at 240V + a crate of sound libraries in floppy disk, 1/4” disk and cd format