Dazatronyx - Rad Distortion - Si + Ge


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This pedal can be used either as a classic ratty fuzz/distortion, or as a raunchy germanium overdrive. This is a sound of the '80s and '90s with some Dazatronyx tweaks.The 'stock' silicon mode is the classic ratty sounding fuzz-distortion from the '80s and '90s. This is achieved by a two-stage distortion of first overdriving the 308 amplifier chip into fuzz, and then recovering some shape by further compressing the signal using hard-clipping silicon diodes.In the germanium mode, the silicon chip fuzz has been removed. Germanium transistors and germanium diodes are used to achieve a rounded and organic overdrive-distortion.The HAIR control dials the mid/high drive saturation. Turning this completely to the right achieves the classic metallic ratty distortion. Turning this left achieves a full, flattened response. This is a variable version of the reutz mod.Brand New with 10 Year Warranty! w/box