APHEX - Channel Master Preamp & Input Processor


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The Aphex Channel is a professional microphone pre-amplifer & input processor for modern day recording studios. Combining a host of popular and powerful processors into a compact and sleek unit.The Channel features an RPA tube amplifier for warm 'true' sound from your microphone, and also supports a Hi-Z connection for your guitar. Also featured is Aphex's renown Exciter with Big Bottom technology for extra depth, a compressor / gate, and universal de-esser. It is everything you need to gain a 'studio grade' recording for your audio interface without need racks and racks of equipment.The Channel features a logical audio path that is easy to effect and control. And supports AES/EBU and both S/PDIF coxial & optical connections. Perfect for anyone wanting a compact and great sound pre-amp / input processor.