Instrument Repairs

Paul Dalby has been doing repairs at the Swoppy for over 25 years! 

Now working with his son Perry, together they can fix any instrument at a very reasonable price.

All guitar setups too, from 12 strings, electric, acoustic to mandolins and banjos too.

Feel free to pop in any time or call Paul directly on 0425 871 366.

*NOTE; prices may be subject to change depending on the nature of the job*


Full setup - Guitars / Bass: $125, plus strings. (Includes fret dress)

Full setup - Guitars w/ Floyd Rose: $145, plus strings. (Includes fret dress)

Partial setup - Guitars / Bass: $65, plus strings. (No fret dress)

New Nut/saddle install: $45, plus parts.

Electrical service - Solidbody: $35, plus parts.

Electrical Service - Hollowbody/Semi-Acoustic: $75

Rewire - Solidbody: $75, plus parts.

Rewire - Hollowbody: $100, plus parts.

Minor crack re-glue: $65.

Major crack re-glue: $95.

Bridge shave: $75.

Bridge re-glue: $75.

Re-string: $20, plus strings.

Re-string - Floyd Rose: $35.

Re-fret -  Standard $450*, plus strings, (includes full setup). *Note that some re-fret jobs may cost more depending on fret choice and/or fingerboard type*