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Regular price $30.00
Ibanez - Navarra - 2404 Double Neck

Vintage 1975 Made in Japan - Copy of the Gibson EBS-1250 Double Neck Guitar/Bass with correct ‘Open-Book’ headstock profile. *As Used by Boris!*This is an Original Australian import from Fuji-Gen and was Branded as ‘Navarra’ rather than as Ibanez. This is a rare Walnut/Brown Finish and is all original and in excellent condition. 31.75’’ Short Scale EB-3 Bass and 24.75’’ SG. Pickups are all original with Maxon Super 70’s on the guitar. No modifications - original wiring only offers either Bass or Guitar (not both at once). Comes with Original Hard Shell Case and Bridge Saddle Adjuster tool!
Regular price $2,500.00
Rickenbacher - Electro Model B6

Vintage made in USA 1935!
6 string lap steel with pickup.
Excellent condition! All original!
Includes custom made Transit Pak case.
Regular price $3,500.00
Rhodes - MKII Stage 88

1980 MKII Stage 88.

The early MKIIs were popular as they still had the wooden keys as seen in the MKIs. Harold Rhodes hated the plastic keys, so it’s great when a MKII still has the wooden ones installed.

The keys are level and escapement has been appropriately set. It has recently been tuned and voiced by Geoff at Doppler Audio.

Great condition! No rust or corrosion on the tone bars or tines.

Includes original legs, cross bars, however is missing the sustain pedal and rod.
Regular price $6,500.00
Mayones - Duvell Elite BL 6

Custom, made to order Electric guitar, made in Poland., 2018. 25.4’’ (645mm) Profiled Black Limba body (Black Korina), with contoured neck heel and belly cut, 5-ply / Wenge-Purpleheart 6-bolt on neck w/ ebony fret board,

Width at nut – 43.5 mm
Width XII fret – 54.0 mm
Width XXIV fret – 58.0 mm
Thickness I fret – 20.0 mm
Thickness XII fret – 21.0 mm

24 extra jumbo, Ferd Wagner Stainless Steel Crown dimensions: 3,34 x 2.80mm (w × h), Graph Tech Black TUSQ nut, Bareknuckle Nail Bomb in the bridge, Bareknuckle VHII, in the neck w/ 3-way switch with push pull coil splitting.

w/ original case, and certificate of authenticy.
Regular price $3,599.00
KORG - Mono/Poly

Vintage 1980’s Made in Japan - 4 Voice Analog Synth - 4 VCO's which can be shared in 4-voice Polyphonic mode, or linked in Unison for a versatile monophonic lead. Each VCO has its own level, tune, and waveform type control.
Unison/Share mode triggers all four voices at once and then subsequently borrows voices for each key struck after, allowing for some incredible sounds. Auto Damp On/Off control will either allow any held key to keep the gate open on other latest played voices, or close the moment the key if lifted.
Waveforms include triangle, sawtooth, variable pulse wave. It has a great VCF (filter) section as well as 2 envelope generators (one for the oscillators and one for the filter). There are also 2 individual LFO's which can be used to modulate the Pulse Width, envelope and Arpeggiator independently.
This unit has been Fully Serviced, Refurbished and Calibrated by OEM Electronics and sounds incredible! Factory 240 Volt.
Regular price $3,900.00
Roland - Jupiter-4

Vintage 1980's Japan! The first Jupiter synth. It was among one of the first poly synthesizers (4 individual voices which could be synced together for one fat monophonic lead), it had a pitch wheel that could be assigned to the VCA, VCF, VCO or all together, there are 8 memory locations and a cool arpeggiator - the arpeggiator can be heard in the Duran Duran classic, ‘’Rio’’. It also has a very slow and very fast LFO for those ever-so-long filter sweeps and or ring modulation soundss. *FULLY serviced by OEM Electronics - new battery installed, full calibration, tune and clean out! Awesome Condition!*
Regular price $6,999.00
Gretsch - 6122 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman

Made in USA - November 1967 - Double Cut wide Body Thinline Hollowbody - All Original (except for the mute foam which has been replaced - Mute currently disconnected. An Amazing feeling guitar! Comes with Period Correct Case!
Regular price $7,500.00
Gretsch - White Falcon 7595

Mid 1970s Made in USA double cutaway model, originally stereo with the low 3 strings on one side and high 3 on the other, switchable for both mono or stereo, Bigsby with Chet Atkins wire arm, ebony fretboard with block inlays, Grover butterbean tuners. Extensive finish checking and cracking but no structural damage. Truss rod is responsive in both directions. Non original hard case. Non original pots, originals included in case.
Regular price $7,115.00
Hofner - President

1956. The President series was a mid-ranged archtop in the Selmer catalogue originating in 1953, It was really a deluxe version of the Hofner Model 457, which was also introduced around 1954.Featuring a solid carved spruce top, laminated maple back and sides, original tuners have begun to perish, 2 of which are non original and glued, triple dot markers, laminated 5 piece neck A 536 Selmer catalogue pickguard has been added, most likely in early to mid 1960’s! Pretty rare and awesome guitar! w/case
Regular price $3,000.00
Watkins - Copicat MkII

Early 1960’s Tube driven tape echo! replaced input jacks, and power cord.
Regular price $1,250.00