Simmons - SDSV


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One of the Biggest and Most Characterful Analog Drum Synths!
Released in 1981, the Simmons SDSV was the world's first electronic analog drumkit and still remains the biggest and most characterful Simmons to this day. The oscillators sound ridiculously big, with almost an overload of bass and the same Curtis filters used on the SP-1200 and Voyetra enclose the entire sound in vintage warmth.

The First of its Kind!
While other drum synths existed before it (Synare, Pearl Syncussion, etc), no units had allowed for extensive editing of the individual components that make up a drum sound. At the heart of any acoustic drum sound two primary elements come into play - pitched tone and un-pitched noise, and the SDSV was the first analog drum unit to give users access to these parameters that we now use and take for granted every day.

The SDSV can be filled with 8 different drum modules and shipped with Kick, Snare and Toms (the same modules in the unit we sampled, which was in beautiful condition and owned by a former Simmons engineer). Each module uses fully discrete analog circuits and contains a variable triangle wave oscillator (with controls for pitch, pitch bend, and more) a super powerful noise generator and the famous SSM2044 4 pole VCF filter (Voyetra, SP1200) which can be used to warm up and tame the white noise signal.
Made in England circa 1982.
Includes a bunch of loom cables.