Electro-Harmonix - NY-2A


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Stereo Vacuum Tube Optical Compressor. Made in USA.
Very awesome!
https://swoppytoo.com.au/collections/whats-new/products/electro-harmonix-ny-2a* missing 5 knobs. But recently serviced and all working sweet!
True bypass for each channel using mechanical relays
Swedish Luhndal transformers at both the input and output of both channels
Switchable electroluminescent, LED or incandescent lamps for distinct and unique compressions
Dual mono or stereo with the ability to assign different compressions on each channel
Link mode to bridge channels 1 and 2
Each channel fully independent when Link mode set to offInput and output gain controls
High quality detented potentiometers to ease recall of settings
Switchable squash mode for additional high frequency compression in EL mode
Switchable attack mode for slower attack in incandescent mode