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Vintage 1980's Made in Japan - Single Oscillator Drum Percussion Synth Module! In essence it is close kin of a BOSS PC-2 Percussion Synth Pad, with an extra control for Volume and with the Sweep function only operating in a down pitch drop.
The module is triggered through vibration and can be hit directly on the casing, but is designed to be clamped on to a drum rim and triggered when the drum is hit (although it could easily be mounted to any number of resonant instruments!).
The FT/SW (footswitch) inputs allow for External On/Off control and simply mute the signal. Both FT/SW inputs are wired in parallel to allow patch cable chaining between multiple units so that only one footswitch would be required to mute an entire acoustic drum kit set up. *As used by Yellow Magic Orchestra!*
****This unit is in good working order however the VCO pitch control pot is unstable toward the end of the sweep (High Frequencies) and could benefit with a replacement.
This is an early production model and is stamped 'JAPAN' on the base plate.