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Fender - FV-3

Deluxe Electric Violin.
2012 Made in China.
Maple hollowbody with flame maple cap. Ebony fingerboard.
Piezo pickup with Volume and Tone controls.
Includes official Fender case and bow

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Hofner - H-V060-9

3/4 size student violin. With case, bow, shoulder rest.

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Stentor - Student II

1/2 size violin w/ case, bow, chin rest and rosin. Decorated with a little gold paint by previous owner!

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Valentino - G1523

4/4 size violin. Made in China. Includes case (no bow)

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Knight - Violin

Beginner 4/4 Full Size Violin Made in China. *Needs new bow ! w/ hairless bow, shoulder rest, and case!

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Magic Fluke - Cricket

Made in USA, Solid one-piece Adirondack Red Spruce top with nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Flaxwood polymer/wood composite injection-molded fingerboard. Glass reinforced injection-molded thermoplastic body, full scale with great acoustic sound. 4:1 ratio geared tuners. Includes adjustable chin/shoulder rest, carbon fiber bow, case, two spare bridges, mute, rosin and case.

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Lark - Violin

4/4 Made in China. Student violin w/ bow, rosin and case.

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Maggini Copy - 4/4 Violin outfit

Giovan Paolo Maggini Brelcia (copy) Full size violin with case and bow (needs rehair) Includes Resonans No 1 shoulder rest (Sweden) pitch pipes and rosin.

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Lark - Violin

4/4 student violin Includes case. Bow needs rehair but Willy Wolf shoulder rest included

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European Trade - Violin

'Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis'. 3/4 size violin.
Made in Czechoslovakia.
Fitted with fine tuners. Fingerboard gouged with fret markers.
Includes case, chin and shoulder rests and bow. (oversized bow in need of rehair)

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Prima - 150 Violin

3/4 size Violin outfit. Includes case and bow, fine tuners and chin rest. Ready to play

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Kiso Suzuki - N95

1/4 size violin. Vintage Made in Japan 1967. Copy of a Stradivarius. includes bow and case

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Smith's - Violin

Hand made for Smith's Violins Hunter St Sydney. Owner had it valued by Alex Grant Violins at $5000. w/ case, shoulder rest + 2 x bows

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Suzuki - No. 103

1/8 size violin. Made in Japan 1969. Stradivarius copy. Includes case

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Hofner - Violin

1/4 size. Made in West Germany 1987. Includes case and new bow

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Unbranded - 3/4 Size Violin

3/4 Size Violin, great sound w/ chinrest & Hard Case but no bow

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Manby - No 1545 Violin

3/4 Size. Made in Europe early 20th century, Copy of Stradivarius. Includes case, bow, chin rest.

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Just Derazey - Violin

4/4 size from Mirecourt, France circa 1880.
Label reads: 'Just Derazey, Luthier a Mirecourt, Vosges, Année ****'
Also stamped inside with 'Jt Derazey'.
Includes well worn wooden case. **Offers considered**

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