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Artec - Power Brick

10 x 9 volt DC outlets at 100 mA. 2 x adjustable 9-12 volt outlets. Requires 15 v PSU

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Unbranded - Harmonica Holder

For those Bob Dylan covers you've been mastering.
Made in Germany (the holder, not Bob - he's American)

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Carson - RPC18

18 volt DC (centre negative) power supply

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Available for any amount!
Can be bought in anybody's name!
They Never Expire!
Can be used in multiple transactions and on absolutely anything in store!
Can be purchased any time in store or over the phone. We can even mail the physical certificate to anyone free of charge! We keep a digital copy too so don't worry if you ever lose it, you'll still be able to use it any time!
The perfect gift for your musician friends!


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Xtreme - DSU75 Guitar Hook

Universal Instrument Hanger. Suits Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin, Violin etc.
Soft Foam neck protection. Swivel arms to suit all headstock shapes.

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Barcus Berry - 3000A

Bass tranducer. Buffer/preamp/EQ w/ box

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Swoppy - T-Shirt

100% Cotton.
100% Made in Melbourne and certified by Ethical Clothing Australia!
Sorry only stock of extreme sizes XS, and XXL. at the moment *Screen Printed by Little Illusion Vision Co.*

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Roland - M-1280

16k bytes RAM extension card. Suitable for most old Roland and Boss synths and effects processors. Includes manual for Roland D110.

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Entertainer's Secret - Throat Spray

Entertainers Secret is now available in Australia and is the number one product used internationally for public speakers/singers/performers who need STRONGER, LONGER and CLEARER voices NOW when it comes down to critical performing times. If you haven't heard of it before, Entertainer's Secret is a world renowned non-medical throat spray that assists in the direct lubrication and re-hydration of singers’ vocal chords. It will instantly moisturise the critical areas related to noise production in the throat. Available in 59.2 mL bottles with spray top nozzle.

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Mercury Magnetics - Power Transformer

Power Transformer - Turns your Marshall Into a Mesa Boogie! With Box, manual, stickers & stuff. For a Marshall DSL 50

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VORSON - Tone Bar

Two models available, similar to Lap Dawg and Ergo styles. for sliiiiide. Only $22

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Hohner - KM1700 Harmonica Holder

Harmonica Holder! Model KM1700 Better than a coat hanger! (rrp $29.95)

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Yes! That stuff that's always hard to find but so necessary for pedals to stay on your pedal board! And talk about how expensive it usually is....! And that's the tiny narrow stuff! Well, here we have 2" / 5 cm thick, self-adhesive hook and loop sides (yes, you get both) by the metre. And only $10!
* For a limited time you can get just the hook side (the side that goes on your pedals) for $5 per metre

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Jim Dunlop - String Winder

In A Variety Of Vibrant Colours

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Shubb - C3 CAPO

Nickel for 12 string guitar

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Colonial Leather - Guitar/Bass Strap

Leather, Made in Bendigo. (rrp $31.95)

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Shubb - C1 Capo

for Steel String Guitar

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Shubb - C2 Capo

for Nylon String Guitar

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Shubb - C5 Capo for Banjo

(flat fretboard) also fits most mandolins and Bouzoukis

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Kyser - Quick Change Capo

Capo for 6 String Guitar

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