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Shure - KSM32

Made in USA. Single Diaphragm. Side Address Condenser mic in very good condition. Known for an extremely flat response making it highly versatile. w/ pouch, shockmount, clip & case

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Samson - C01

Studio Condenser Mic w/stand and lead!

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Audio-Technica - AT2020USB+

Cardioid condenser USB microphone with 16-bit, 44.1/48kHz sample rate for home studio, podcasting, field recording and voiceover use. Includes stand, pouch and USB cable. Handy heaphone output on the mic.

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RCA - 44-BX Ribbon Microphone

Vintage High-fidelity bi-directional ribbon microphone designed for music recording and broadcast. It uses a 2" long corrugated aluminum ribbon which is just 1.8 microns thick, roughly 1/20th the thickness of a human hair.
The frequency response from a 3 foot distance is quite flat from 50Hz - 15kHz, followed by a steep high frequency rolloff. The bass boost from proximity effect becomes quite apparent at closer distances, and so jumpers are provided inside the microphone to allow for two high-pass filter positions (V1, V2 -- "V" for "Voice" which is typically picked up from closer distances).

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AKG - C451B

*PAIR* Reference Matched Stereo Set.
Sound of the legendary C451 EB + CK1 capsule from 1969, level capability of 155dB SPL , high-pass filter with 12dB/octave, Transformerless preamp.
Made in Hungary.
Excellent condition! Only a few months old.
With protective case, dual mic clip, wind shields and manual.

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Direct mix control between mic input and source output. Stereo headphone jack for zero-latency monitoring. Includes; Pop shield, tripod desk stand, ring mount, storage pouch & USB cable and box.

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Marantz - MPM-1000

Side-address condenser microphone, Cardioid polar pattern, High sensitivity, Smooth frequency response

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Audio-Technica - AT4047/SV

Cardioid condensor microphone, Made in Japan. Dual diaphragm capsule, Switchable -10db pad and 12db octave cut at 80Hz. 20 - 18kHz frequency range. 159db SPL with pad in, 140db dynamic range, 85db signal to noise ratio, 9db self noise, With box and suspension mount.

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Audio-Technica - AT2020USB+

Cardioid condenser USB microphone with 16-bit, 44.1/48kHz sample rate for home studio, podcasting, field recording and voiceover use. Includes box, stand, pouch and other accessories.

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Dynamic vocal mic w/ can

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SE Electronics - sE7

Back-electret small diaphragm condenser microphone, Switchable pad, Switchable low-cut filter, Gold-plated XLR connector, Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz. With mic clip, pop filter and box.

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SE Electronics - X1

Studio Condensor Microphone! W/ shock mount and lead.

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Studio condenser microphones. Good headroom. Perfect for making quality recordings in your home studio.

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Nakamichi - CM 300

Vintage Studio quality electret condenser microphone. Made in Japan.
Built-in low cut attenuator. CP-1 capsule.
Includes original case, lead, clip and grill cover.

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Optimus - 33-9958

Stereo Microphone, with clip.Uses AA battery, with 3.5mm mini stereo jack output socket

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Audio-Technica - AT815

Electret Condenser Line/Shotgun Microphone. With box, case, clip and cable

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Sennheiser - E865

Vocal SuperCardioid Condenser Microphone. w/box

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Shure - SM87A

Vocal SuperCardioid Condenser Microphone. w/box

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Lewitt - LCT 640

Authentica model 1" multi-pattern studio condenser microphone
Full, crisp, and well-balanced sound
Revolutionary Dual Output Mode
POLARIZER plugin to create any pattern after the fact!
Stereo capabilities
Multi-pattern design
Includes case, pouch, windsock, shockmount and manual

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AKG - C409

Cardioid condesor instrument clip on mic, with cable

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