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Lexicon - PCM 80

Digital Effects Processor. 18 bit 48 kHz. Made in USA
Released in 1995. Contains a built-in library of 200 preset programs that provide a comprehensive array of effects ranging from beautiful and lush to completely wild.
Includes Lexicon David Rosenthal Music FX Preset Card (RARE!)

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Ibanez - PD7

PHAT-HED - Bass Overdrive - Tonelok Series! Clean, OD and Distortion Modes plus 2 Mid Scoop Modes. HUUUUUGGGGGEEEEEE low end!

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Mooer - GE100

Guitar multi effects unit with 23 drive sounds, 7 legendary amp simulators. Built in looper.

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ELK / Electro Sound Co - Big Muff Sustainar

Vintage 1972 Made in Japan by Hoshino Gakki - Very Rare! One of the earliest Big MUFF clones ever made! PNP Silicon transistors. ALL ORIGINAL AND IN PERFECT WORKING CONDITION! No changes or soldering touch ups! Elk / Gakki / Electro Sound originally named this the 'Super Fuzz' before changing the name from to 'Big Muff' Sustainar for subsequent production models. **SAME EXACT CIRCUIT as the version used by Wata of Boris**
Version 1 Triangle Big Muff copy! So very cool!

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Roland - DEP-3

Digital effects processor. Hardwired power 240v

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Soundmaster - SE-4200

2 channel analog echo/reverb unit. Mic and line inputs for each channel. Footswitch for both reverb and echo,delay and mic out.

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Digitech - RP50

Modeling Guitar Processor. W/ Box, manual and PSU

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Boss - MT-2

\m/ \m/ Made in Taiwan. Silver Label

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Made in Japan Multi Stomp for guitar. Programmable multi effects in stompbox w/ box and manual!

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Boss - DS-2

Made in Taiwan. Turbo Distortion. Silver label. If you ain't got one you can't join the Turbo team.

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Boss - Dd-6

Digital Delay. Up to 5 seconds of Delay Time w/Reverse, Tap Tempo & Hold Function. Includes box and manual. Mint Condition! Made in Taiwan

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Boss - MT-2

\m/ \m/ Made in Taiwan.

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Boss - GE-7

7 band Graphic EQ - Made in JAPAN. Works ace as a boost as well!

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Boss - CH-1

**PINK LABEL!! ** SUPER Chorus. Made In Taiwan.

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Champion Leccy - The Skitter

Reverb pedal with tremolo. Heaps of knobs and switches to twiddle.

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Hartke - BASS ATTACK 2

VXL Tone Shaper Pre amp w/Box & Manual

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Electro-Harmonix - Bass Big Muff p

Big muff FOR BASSSSS!!!!! Made in USA.

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Mooer - Soul Shiver

Chorus, Vibrato, and Rotary sounds for 60s psychedelia and shoegaze lush tonez.

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Mooer - Shimverb

Nano sized reverb pedal.

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Proel - PFS22

On/Off Switching pedal.

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