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TAMA - Kick Pedal

Single chain drive, Power Glide cam.

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Mapex - Soprano Snare

MPX Steel, 14 x 3.5 inches.

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Zildjian - Scimitar Crash/Ride

18" 45cm Crash Ride.

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Evans - Kick Drum Sound Off

Beater Side Mute Pad for quiet practise!

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Sabian - FRX SET

Set of 15" Hats, 18" Crash and 20" Ride.
Sabian FRX cymbals are designed for playing environments where other cymbals are just too much. They are NOT low volume cymbals. Rather, FRX work by cutting specific frequencies, resulting in the perception of lower volume. Remove these frequencies,and suddenly your cymbals sit perfectly in the mix, no matter how hard you play.
No Compromising - No Holding Back!

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SET of Three Enquire

Pacific - SX Series

Acrylic Shell 7 x 14" Snare Drum, Custom look! With bag.

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Sabian - Pro Sonix

22"/56cm Ride, heavy.

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Zildjian - Scimitar Bronze Series

20" RIDE *Made in USA

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Pearl - P-2002C

Power Shifter Eliminator, double kick set, with case, spare cams.

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Headliner - 14" Hi Hats

Entry level hi hats.

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PAIR Enquire

Unbranded - Bodhran

16" bodhran with bag & beater. Goatskin. Purchased new at Celtic Festival and hardly used

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Zildjian - Avedis A Custom Projection Crash

16" Projection Crash

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SOLD Enquire

Grover - Pro Percussion Mounting Clamp

Professional tambourine mounting device

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Evans - EMAD2 Clear

Lightly used. 22" beater side muffle head. Provides you with enhanced attack, focus, and durability thanks to the unparalleled industry standard EMAD (Externally Mounted Adjustable Damping) system. w/ foam ring and box

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Schlagwerk - La Peru Cajon

Model CP4011. Zebrano Veneer Front Plate. Body Constructed of 7 Ply Gabon.
internal sleigh bells for extra snap. Great mid and low tones.
Handmade in Germany.
Includes official bag and soft mat.

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MusicArte - Cymbal Bag

Padded cymbal bag, with internal cloth dividers, handy front zip pocket for hats or splash cymbals. Made in Italy.

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UFIP - 16" Crash Ride

16" 41cm as is with slight split crack on the bell.

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Zildjian - 20" Ride

Older ride, no cracks.

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Noble and Cooley - SS Classic Piccolo Snare

The Phil Collins drum. Made in USA, Solid Shell Classic. 3.875 by 14 inch, made from a single piece of 1/4" solid rock maple
Brass hardware, brass snare throw off.
With hard case by Hardcase.

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Meinl - Crash 16"

Made in Germany. HCS series 16" crash. No cracks.

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