Solid state power amps

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Australian Monitor - AMIS 120XL

120 watt 8 channel power amp. RCA and XLR ins, 3 band tone controls, RCA tape out, XLR Line out, speaker outs x multiple.

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Electro-Harmonix - 5MM Power Amp

• Volume control plus a Bright Switch which adds presence w/ manual and power supply

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FX-Audio - FX202A/FX-36A PRO

48 Watt Compact Digital Stereo Power Amplifier.
Equipped with TDA7492PE Dual-BTL Class-D digital amplifier IC from Swiss ST Microelectronics.
High-quality custom-made capacitors are used for the input coupling section.
Employs magnetic current-proof (closed magnetic circuit) type SMD inductor.
The film capacitor made by TDK-EPCOS is adopted as the filter capacitor of the output stage.
Equipped with high frequency low impedance grade YXG made by Nippon Rubycon for power smoothing capacitor.
Includes power supply

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