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The ‘Cadillac’ version! Has most of the features of both the YC-30, and the YC-25D, plus the following additional features: Upper Manual - 5-1/3', Kinura 8', Piano, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Sustain 8', 4', Marimba, Piano, Harpsichord, Attack Mute, Percussion 16', 4', 2', 1. Bass - Tromba. Pitch ribbon: Slide Trombone, Squawk, Birds, Astro. The upper keyboard has 61keys, and the lower manual has 42 Treble keys and 19(!?!) Bass keys which can be switched to extend the Treble section. Note that in addition to the fact that the pitch ribbon is NOT the same as the portamento strip n the YC-30, it's function is also different. Rather than the plain flute voices, it controls the Slide Trombone, Squawk, Birds and Astro voices. Slide Trombone and Squawk are bright organ-like voices, Birds sounds like chirping, and Astro is sort of a ring-modulator effect. The range of the pitch ribbon is 3 octaves. The YC-45D uses the same tiltable stand as the YC-30. Date introduced: 1972. In 1977, the YC-45D list price was $2,975. Weighs in at a hefty 132lbs! Includes the hard case lid AND rare tilt back stand.