Sherlock Amplifiers - Vintage Reverb 30


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The Vintage Reverb 30 features a single channel preamp section with Gain and Master Volume controls, 3 band EQ and Reverb. Also a Presence (treble cut) control is added to smooth out the tone which is thick and fat and a Depth switch to extend the bottom end (great for Strats) All in all, a very versatile preamp section .Using four EL84 tubes in a class A configuration, the Vintage Reverb 30 produces 30 watts of rich fat tone and can be reduced to 15watts, again class A but with more brake and less head room. True vintage sag is achieved with a tube rectifier or a solid state diode plug-in for a tight and focused sound. This amp is great for blues players and pedal junkies who need a fat rich tone at a lower volumes.Comes with footswitch and custom made amp cover.