Ampeg - SVT-VR


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300-watt bass valve head, 4 or 2 ohm. THE bass head. disregard what your lower back is telling you and up your tonal game; you will have the coolest rig in town. very good condition, come with cover and IEC.Features

TWO-CHANNEL OPERATION: Two separate channels with independent tone andvolume controls.

BRIGHT AND NORMAL INPUTS: Each channel offers a choice of inputs: normal orhigh-end enhanced [bright].

ULTRA HI, ULTRA LO AND BASS CUT (CH. 1 ONLY) SWITCHES: Lets you tailor yoursound in many different ways with the touch of a button.

MIDRANGE FREQUENCY SELECT “1•2•3” SWITCH (CH. 1 ONLY): Allows you toselect the operating range for the midrange control for increased tonal flexibility.

BIAS ADJUSTMENT CONTROLS: Lets you adjust the tube bias and balance for optimaloperation.

SLAVE OUT: Use for powering another amp from the SVT-VR’s preamp.

POWER AMP IN / PREAMP OUT: A separate preamp may be connected to the poweramp in jack and the preamp out jack may be connected to a slave amp.

TRANSFORMER BALANCED LINE OUT: Independent level control – balanced XLRoutput jack – switchable pre– or post–EQ – ground lift for balanced XLR.

HEAVY-DUTY SPEAKER JACKS: Speakon jacks for more reliable connections at higheroutput.