AKG - D224C


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Highly Revered two-way cardioid dynamic microphone. The serial number is lower than other online listings that have dated theirs from the late 60’s, It is quite hard to date older AKG microphones, but has the potential to be from a similar or earlier date.

The dual capsule element, one for high, one for low, are phased together by means of a built in crossover network, this results in a perfect cardioid pattern independent of frequency. Due to a long low frequency sound path, the usual proximity effect is completely absent. The built-in three step bass cul (0,7 - 12dB at 50 Hz) reduces low frequency noise.

The D224 boasts a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 hz, making it an extremely versatile microphone for any studio.

Dex Audio has recently serviced the Tuchel connection. It comes with a Tuchel to XLR cable , pouch, and the original clip.