There is an item on your website I am interested in, can I come in and try it out?

Sure thing! We are an actual shop located at 145-147 Elgin Street, Carlton Victoria 3053.
We are open from 11AM to 6PM Monday to Friday, & 11AM to 3PM on weekends.

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How does the shop work?

We sell items for you on consignment. We work at 20% commission of the final sale price (with a minimum $20 shop commission on any item).
We agree on a sale price and the item remains in the store for sale and is also listed on our website. There are no time limits & you can withdraw your item at any stage without charge.
We send you an email receipt for every item which contains serial numbers, prices and a link to the item on our site so you can monitor its status. If your item says 'Sold', you can respond to your emailed consignment receipt with your preferred method of pay-out (Bank deposit, Cheque or pre-arranged cash). We will be in touch when your item sells anyway.
We absorb any GST and credit card merchant fees so you don't have to worry about any additional costs.
The only thing we ask is please do not advertise your item on eBay or Gumtree at the same time.

Please contact us first before bringing in your item, to ensure we have sufficient shop space. Also, be sure to give your item a good clean beforehand, to give it the best possible chance of selling.

How do I go about purchasing an item from your website?

The easiest way is to give us a call on (03) 9348 1194 or pop into the shop.
Or you can click on the "Enquire" link below the item you want to buy, and how you would like to pay. If you are in Australia, we accept credit card or direct deposit. If paying via direct deposit we will respond to your query with our bank details. If you require postage, please include your address in the message so we can provide you with a quote.
For customers outside Australia we accept credit card (provided you can prove your identity) or PayPal (with a 3% surcharge).
If contacting us by phone, please quote the log number (beginning with "MSS") to assist our staff in your query.

I am looking for a particular item, can you let me know if you get one in stock?

Visit our website & perform a search for any item you are after. If there are no matching items in our inventory, you will be prompted to enter your email address if you would like to receive automatic notifications whenever a match is added to our database. You can also subscribe to categories for instant notifications.

I’ve got a musical instrument I’d like to sell; will you give me straight up cash for it?

Sorry but no. We do everything on consignment only.

How are prices decided?

The price of each item is decided between us and the seller. We try to price items at a reasonable and sellable price, one that is competitive with the current market and also one that the seller finds satisfactory.
Customers also like to make offers on items, in which case we will contact you directly before selling at a lesser price unless we already have your minimum recorded.

You are called Music Swop Shop! Do you swap?

Music Swop Shop is just the name of the store. We sell everything on consignment to please both buyer & seller.
We find this enables us to remain neutral in all dealings and we can give our honest opinions about any instrument. It generally also gets a better price for the seller than any cash deals around town.

What if I change my mind & don’t want to sell my stuff, can I get it back?

Sure thing.There are no fees, time limits or hidden charges.

My item has been there a while; can I drop the price to move it on?

Of course. Contact us with the price you have in mind & we will change it for you!

Can I put something you are selling on Lay-by?

We offer a one month lay-by with a minimum 10% deposit.
We can do credit card over the phone or direct deposit. You can also come into the store any time.

Can you HOLD items?

Due to the fact that we sell on consignment I'm afraid we can't put items on hold.
An item may be on hold temporarily for a variety of reasons, usually shop administration. It does not necessarily mean that it is not for sale! Feel free to make an enquiry if you are interested in purchasing.

Do you have a warranty on your items even though they are second hand?

We try to test items as best we can when they come in but cannot always access every feature or function fully. We do however offer a three day grace period (from when you receive the item) to give you the opportunity to fully test and make sure it functions as described. If anything is unsatisfactory simply contact us within three days and we can offer a full refund. (Excluding shipping costs if applicable).

How up to date is your website?

Our stock database interfaces directly with the website, and is updated instantly with every item in & out!

Do you offer postage?

Yes! Worldwide! If you need a quote please provide your postcode.

What forms of payment do you accept?

VISA, MasterCard, EFTPOS, Direct Bank Deposit & Money order. We also accept PayPal for international purchases.

Do you permit Stairway To Heaven to be played in your store?


Opening hours

Weekdays (
Mon-Fri):  11 am - 6 pm 

Weekends (Sat-Sun):  11 am - 3 pm



145-147 Elgin Street 

Carlton, Victoria 3053 


Or use the contact form

Please try checking the [FAQ] before making an enquiry... Thanks!

If contacting us by phone, please quote the log number (underneath the photo) to assist our staff in your query.

Phone: (03) 9348 1194

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