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Fender - Stratocaster

1991 Made in USA American Standard.
One-piece maple neck. Two-point tremolo bridge.
In rare Gun Metal Blue finish.
Great guitar! Great player!
Includes original Fender moulded case.

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Fender - Stratocaster

1995 Made in USA American Standard.
One-piece maple neck. Two-point tremolo bridge.
My personal favourite era of Fender!
Great guitar!
Includes original Fender moulded case.

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Gibson - SG Standard

1992 Made In USA. All original, full batwing pickguard, missing a couple of the reflector tops on the volume knobs, some corrosion patina on hardware, a couple of stickers on the back, one spot of missing finish on the back of the neck. With original Gibson combination lock hard case, owners manual and leather strap.

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Xotic Effects - Robotalk 1 RI

Reissue Robotalk! Envelope Filter with optional random arpeggiator The Xotic Effects Custom Shop has reengineered and revitalized the original Robotalk. Now in a compact size, we've improved its unique envelope filter tone. But we've also enhanced the arpeggiator with more wonderfully strange and mesmerizing sounds. w/box

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VOX - V846HW

Over forty years after the original VOX Wah forever changed the sound of rock music, the V846 has been reborn as the V846-HW Hand-Wired Wah Wah Pedal. While its classic tone is undeniable, the V846-HW was not created to simply repeat the history of the past, but to write new chapters in the future. As its name implies, the V846 Hand Wired boasts hand-wired turret board construction. But VOX didn’t stop there. Every component, including the inductors, resistors, capacitors, and the potentiometer has been carefully selected for premium fidelity and tone.

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Trogotronic - ms679 Gran Fury

In rare moments of clarity we’ve long glimpsed a brutish dream burning in the solder smoke: A compact valve synth’ capable of the specular analog displays that make high voltage tubes essential for any serious electronic music aficionado. Building upon the legacy of the 676 Fury the 679 Gran Fury has 8x the patches, 150% more oscillating power, 120% more cv inputs & adds a synth bypass mode to double as a filthy tube distortion unit—repackaged in a low profile, rugged cast aluminum case. Further we applied a button interface pioneered on our 669 MiniSynth to enable unprecedented rapid attack. The sound? Curiously akin to R. Lee Ermey switching on the kilowatt floods & screaming through an Orange Full-stack set to “11” first thing the morning after an all-night gin bender; i.e. relentless punishment applied to all head-holes within audio range.

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Maxon - DS-830

Distortion Master! Fabrique Au Japon! Distortion with Bass AND Treble Controls!

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Electro Harmonix - The Silencer

Line Noise Eliminator. Made in USA. w/box

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Digitech - Time Bender

'Musical' Delay unit. A master of space, time and dimension. Includes power supply. * No longer in production!*

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Fender - Marine Layer Reverb

Multiple reverb types, including classics like Hall and Room along with modern marvels like Shimmer, make this an indispensable pedal in your signal chain. The reverb tails continue when the effect is muted, ensuring a smooth and natural decay.

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RARE! Discontinued Hyper Fuzz - Fuzztones in the vein of the Shin-Ei superfuzz - Also can be used as a boost!

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Washburn - The Hawk

Vintage 1979 Made in Japan by Yamaki. A very high quality build! Three Piece Neck Through Body with exceptionally nice easy access heel. 25" Scale Length. All Original. Brass Saddle and Nut. Includes Gig Bag.

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Roland - PK-5

Dynamic Foot Pedal / MIDI controller! MIDI In/Out/Thru. Includes BOSS PSA-240 PSU and a Roadcase **Case latches non existent but easily replaced**

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Cimar - Electric Bass

Vintage 1976~1982 - Made in Japan. Great Jazz Bass style. Block inlays. Really good, solid bass!

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Moog - DFAM

Drummer From Another Mother (DFAM) is a highly-interactive, Semi-Modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer and analogue sequencer w/ patch cables + PSU + manuals

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Eventide - H9

A complete pedalboard in one stompbox, with Eventide’s iconic reverb, chorus, delay, modulation, pitch-shifting and distortion effects. Two onboard footswitches let you change presets, tap tempo, and bypass with your feet during live performance. The H9 Max offers studio quality sound, stereo I/O and full MIDI compatibility. With the free H9 Control app, you can purchase algorithms, create set lists, edit and manage presets wirelessly via Bluetooth or USB.. Includes user guide, algorithm guide, power supply and bag.

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SOLD Enquire

Gibson - EB-3

Vintage 1974 MADE IN USA! All Original and super cool! 3-Piece Neck with volute. Features Varitone switching and the Original Brass tailpiece! Sought after variation with the neck pickup closer to the bridge for nicer tones! w/hard case

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Timberidge - TR-TB-NST

Natural Satin. Acoustic-Electric Traveller Bass. Solid Spruce top, Mahogany back, sides & neck. TUSQ Nut & saddle. Under saddle pick up with volume control mounted on inside of sound hole. With heavy duty gig bag.

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Novation - Mini Nova

Syntheziser, vocoder, step sequencer, built in effects, USB connectivity.
Excellent condition! Still has the plastic on the display!
Includes microphone, power supply and carry bag.

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Dreadnought acoustic. Includes case

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