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T-Tone Stompboxes - Moth Sounds

Clone of the Catalinbread Heliotrope. Crazy fuzz/octave/synth/oscillation/whine sounds just like the original Harmoniz Pixelator. Crunch those bits!

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Cort - Gene Simmons Axe

Bassist Gene Simmons (KISS!) teamed up with Cort to produce this stunning version of his legendary Axe electric bass. This bass is authorized by Gene Simmons, and each Axe is adorned with Gene's signature on the headstock. The Cort Axe Bass reproduces the bass guitar Gene made so famous”the same style of bass that Gene plays onstage, and it can be yours at a fantastic price.
The axe-shape body has the same style and flare as the demon's own, complete with a painted silver blade on a shiny black, insane-looking axe-head. The bass guitar's mahogany body produces crisp tone with plenty of heavy bass for that signature Detroit Rock City sound. The rosewood fretboard and EB6 4-string bridge add clarity to the Gene Simmons Axe, so you get definition with each note you strike.
At the heart of the axe-shaped Simmons bass is its electronics system. The Mighty Mite MMJB-R and MMPB-4 pickups produce clear, bright tone, with low noise. Controls include Volume, Tone, and a toggle switch to select the bridge or mid pickups, so you can dial in your ultimate demon tone.
Each Cort Gene Simmons Axe boasts a chrome bridge cover, which adds to the overall beauty of this monster and protects your hand from sharp saddle screws.
Includes gig bag

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Ashton - AB-505

5 string active bass. P and J style pickups. Includes gig bag

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Flea Bass - Model 32

'Water Bass' / 'Touring Bass' edition.
Designed to Flea's own specifications, is professionally set up and tested by technicians to deliver excellent sustain and rich tone. Its solid alder body's dual cutaways make for easy access to the higher frets, and its chrome bridge/tailpiece is fully adjustable. The Model 32's solid maple neck with rosewood fingerboard has a smooth satin finish for superb playability. To seal the deal, the matching headstock features Flea's autograph and signature doodles.
Includes official gig bag

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Dynamic Wah

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Mooer - Yellow Comp

Classic optical compressing sound with smooth attack and decay.

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MXR - Distortion III

Natural, amp-like distortion

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Joyo - American Sound

Overdrive! Simulates a Fender 57 Deluxe amplifier. Which can perform greatly from original sound to overdrive.

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Behringer - HB01

HELLBABE multi-functional Wah-Wah

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Digitech - Hyper Phase

Stereo Phaser

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Marshall - BB-2

Bluesbreaker II! Drive and boost!

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Digitech - CabDryVR

Dual Cabinet Simulator. 14 all new great sounding guitar and bass cabinet impulse responses. Now you can run direct from your pedal board or preamp through the CabDryVR to your mixing board, in-ear monitors or DAW and get high quality cabinet emulation without the need for a real cabinet.

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BOSS - CE-20

Chorus Ensemble Dimensional Processor

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BBE - Sonic Stomp

Sonic Maximizer

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Zoom - MS-70CDR

Chorus/Delay/Reverb multi effect programmable foot pedal

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Dbx - Mini-Pre

Tube preamp w/power supply

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Behringer - MIC100

Tube Ultragain Preamp w/Power Supply

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Roland - EV-5

The EV-5 Expression Pedal is designed for use with keyboards or other Expression-compatible instruments and devices, providing a more dynamic performance. You can set the minimum volume to the level of your choice, thereby determining the maximum effect of the pedal.

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Behringer - PP400

Micro Phono Preamp! RCA Ins/Outs. With PSU.

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Harmonic Energizer. Variable-state band pass filter with adjustable gain.
Based on the rare Systech Harmonic Energizer circuit as used by Jim Walsh, Greg Lake and Frank Zappa.

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