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KG Instruments - 200

2004 4/4 size trade violin Setup by Hunter Valley Strings Newcastle, suit intermediate to advanced student. With hard case.

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Chairman - BV300

Made in Hong Kong. Designed in Italy. Antonius Stradivarius copy. Bought new in 2018 from Alex Grant Violins. w/ case, box + shoulder rest

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Raggetti - RV2 Violin

3/4 sized student violin. Very good condition!

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Samick - SVS 700

Made in korea. 4/4 sized! With bow, shoulder rest and case!

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Raggetti - RV2 Violin

1/4 sized student violin. Very good condition With shoulder rest bow and case!

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Trade Violin - Stradivari Copy

Circa 1900 made in Germany. Stradivari copy in perfect order. Fully restored by Warren J Nolan-Fordham. Plates tunned with a new bass bar etc. It has been improved from its original state. With case and valuation certificate!

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Gliga - II

3/4 size violin w/case, shoulder rest & bow (bow will need a re-hair soon). Made in 2009.

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Smith's - Violin

Hand made for Smith's Violins Hunter St Sydney. Owner had it valued by Alex Grant Violins at $5000. w/ case, shoulder rest + 2 x bows

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Unknown - Violin

3/4 size w/case, bow + shoulder rest

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Suzuki - 220

Made in Japan. 1/2 sized violin. w/ case, bow and rosin

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Stentor - Student I

1/4 size violin. With case and bow

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Stentor - Student I

Made in China. Very good condition. 4/4 size VIOLA w/case, strap, shoulder rest,rosin & bow

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Morelli - MVA2520

16" Viola. Includes case and bow

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Antonius Stradivarius Copy - Anno 1713

Made in Czecheslovakia. Full size. Good condition. w/ Case & Bow

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Franz Josef - FJ303/4

3/4 size violin. Includes case shoulder rest and bow.

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Suzuki - No. 103

1/8 size violin. Made in Japan 1969. Stradivarius copy. Includes case

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Suzuki - No. 103

1/4 size violin. Made in Japan 1971. Stradivarius copy. Includes case and bow

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Kiso Suzuki - Violin

1/4 Size Violin.1992 Made in Japan. Copy of a Stradivarius. Includes case and bow

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Guscott - 5 string Violin

Made in Queensland, 5 String Electric Violin , carbon fibre body and neck, very rare, with Hard case, bow, rosin

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Karl Muller - Violin

4/4 size. Made in Germany 1986 by Karl Muller, Bow made by Otto Durschmict, with case, shoulder rest and bow.

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