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Busilacchio - Challenge

12 Bass, Made In Italy, 25 Keys with hard case. Beautiful sounding smaller instrument.

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Suzuki - 540

4/4 size violin. 1979 Made in Japan. Includes case, shoulder rest and bow (could use a re-hair)

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Suzuki - 300

1/4 size violin. 1981 Made in Japan. Includes case and bow (needs re-hair)

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Suzuki - 220

1/16 size. 1975 Made in Japan. Stradivarius copy.
Includes case and bow (needs a re-hair).
Get your little new-born on the path to virtuosity!

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Nightingale - Banjo Mandolin

Early 1900's 26cm resonator. !2 Lug, very good condition

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Nightingale - Banjo Mandolin

early 1900's 26 cm resonator 12 lug. Trade marked as the 'New Reliance'. Very Good Condition with original Case.

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GH - Model 165

Banjo Mandolin, early 1900's. 26 cm resonator. 12 Lug. Very good condition! With original case!

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E Martin Sachsen - Violin

1900 Copy of Amati, Branded on rear. With nice case, bow, rosin.and shoulder rest

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Kentucky - KM-140 Mandolin

A-style Includes strap

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Scandalli - 120 Bass

120 bass, 6 bass couplers, 13 registers, new straps, made in Italy, with original case. With hard case

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STa Cecilia - SCV 6

1/2 size violin made in China. Chin rest, shoulder rest, fine tuners, bow rosin! and case.

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Lovakia - Violin

4/4 size Violin with case, bow and shoulder rest. Nice rosewood shoulder rest and tailpiece.

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Kala - KA-CE-C

Mahogany UKE with Shadow pickup + gig bag

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Serenellini - 374

Hand made in Italy, 37 keys, 96 bass, 4 reeds, 11 registers, full Musette. With case.

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Eston - M1652

Made in Italy. Mandolin. **A minor crack in sound board**

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Deering - Plectrum BANJO

Goodtime Two series Made in U.S.A. 4 string plectrum banjo. Included well padded soft case and quality strap. Excellent condition.
19 fret tenor specs.
Check out:

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Baile - 16 Bass Accordion

16 Bass Piano Accordion w/Case

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Regal - Mini Tenor

Made in Chicago. 1930's Has a crack in the back. In playable condition, but would be a fabulous restoration Project!

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Jordin - Mandolin

F-Holed mandolin!

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Enrico - Student Extra Cello

1/4 size cello with bag and bow. Fitted with fine tuners. Ready to play

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