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Tone Store - 1965 Fender Pickup Set

1965 set, 3 1965 Fender Duo Sonic pickups all original windings, CTS pots, Sprague capacitor, 5 way switch, shielded strat 11 hole mint green repro guard. 5.69 K, 5.54 K, 5.81 K DC resistance.

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Fender - Strat pickups

Set of three pickups from a 1980's Japanese E-Series Strat. All 5.9k

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Seymour Duncan - Cool Rails

Buck the hum with a smooth, noiseless humbucker for the neck or middle position. 9k

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GFS - New York II

PAIR of Dynasonic-esque pickups. Like TV Jones but fatter! 8.20k and 8.23k.
"The Shell is basically similar to a vintage Rickenbacker® pickup, and the physical footprint exactly covers a Dearmond Dynasonic®. While the mounting holes may not always be a perfect match for you Filtertron fans- the baseplate covers the hole completely, so you can upgrade and then revert back to your stock pickups without seeing any telltale holes.
We took a P90 style bobbin, trimmed it to JUST fit inside this shell, then wound it as juicy, syrupy and RED HOT as we could. To get some real POWER we went with the classic P90 formula- two wide and flat Alnico III magnets surrounding steel polepieces.
The result is a HUGE improvement over the power, feel and tone of even the greatest vintage Dearmonds

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MadHouse Design - Humbuckers

Cream humbuckers, 8.56K and 7.27K ohm resistance, Made in USA

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Nico's - Legacy Humbucker Set

Pair, made in USA, double white bobbins, 2 conductor, with springs and screws. 9.56K and 8.81K ohms.

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Maya - Humbucker

Chrome with adjustable pole pieces. Taken from a Japanese ES-175 copy. 2.77k. Nice, mellow sounding pickup. Perfect for neck position.

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Maxon - Pickups

* PAIR * Copies of Baldwin pickups. Made in Japan. * Wires cut off so you'd need to be savvy with pickups to install these. Plus mounting flanges removed

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EMG - EMG 81 85 Set

Pair of EMG slammers ready to install, unopened in boxes, never used. Zakk Wylde loves these!

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LACE - Sensor

Ultra Slim strat pick up 7.99 k

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Unbranded - Japan - Humbucker

Made in Japan, Late 1970s early 80s Humbucker 15.2 k.

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Unknown - Japan - Strat Pick ups

Made in Japan 1970s, Three 3.8 k pickups

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Unbranded - Bass Pick-up set

EB bass style pick up set. Mudbucker like neck and single coil bridge pick-ups!

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Gotoh - JAH-CLA

Made in Japan. Classic Humbucker Neck Pickup - black. 7.6k ohm. Alnico 4 magnet. Gibson style.

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Taylor/Es-Go - GS-Mini

Made by ES-go.Turns your GS-Mini 3/4-sized acoustic into a stellar-sounding acoustic-electric guitar! Because the guitar is set up to accept the ES-Go, all you have to do is remove the guitar's endpin, replace it with the ES-Go's enpin jack, connect the wire to the pickup, and clip the pickup in place. It's incredibly easy!

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Epiphone - Humbucker Pair

Humbuckers from a Korean Epiphone Dot

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Woo Sung - ST7-F

Single Coil pickup. 5.2k. Made in Korea. NEW - unused!

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Seymour Duncan - SSL-4T

Quarter Pound single coil pickup. 13.8k. HOT!

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GFS - Soapbar 180

Humbucker in a P90 shell. Cream. Creamy. Nice.13.2k

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GFS - H43 Wide Tone Fat

Oversized Alnico Humbucker, neck position. Fender Wide Ranging humbucker size, 4 wire, unused in box with screws and springs. 7.6K ohm.

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