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PIGGY - HU-8300

Guitar or Bass Tuner - Mic or 1/4" In and Thru - Made in Japan

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Fender - Custom Shop Texas Special

Set of THREE Stratocaster single coil pickups loaded in a Sparkly Pearl Scratchplate.
Made in USA. AlNiCo 5 magnets. 6.17k, 6.7k and 7.4k.
If you want that Stevie Ray sound - you gotsta have these!

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Bigsby - B6 + Towner

Basically as new Bigsby B6 Tailpiece - Comes with a custom made Converter Plater to avoid drilling extra holes into the guitar for installation. ALSO Includes the TOWNER Down Tension Bar to increase break angle by mounting into the existing stop tail posts (basically makes your B6 a B7 in terms of break angle!)

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Gibson - Mini Humbucker

Modern Mini Humbucker Deluxe - Barely Used! Mini Humbucker Deluxe - 6.17kΩWith Surround and case!

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Mick Brierley - 50's PAF

A tribute to a much loved and revered pickup: the 50's PAF. Plain enamel wire is used. Coils are deliberately mismatched. The long magnet is custom made and based on a vintage alnico formula. *AlNiCo V Isotropic Magnets - Wax Potted - 7.47k and 8.43k Neck and Bridge. In a box!

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K & K Sound Systems - Pure Preamp

A time-tested external preamp, featuring +/-20 db bass, mid, and treble controls plus an internal gain trimmer. This belt clip unit has been specifically designed for the frequencies of the acoustic guitar but it is also great for many other instruments.

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Maxon - Mini Humbuckers

Vintage late 1970's Made in Japan. Maxon Made Mini Humbuckers! Very Very VERY close to the original Gibson New York Mini sound! With Surrounds *one cracked / broken* and pickup height screws!

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Gibson - Pickups / Scratchplate

Very good condition vintage pair of pickups and scratchplate for a 60s Gibson Melody Maker.

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Kent Armstrong - HP90BBK

Stealth P90 much more noise free than stock ones. in a box. 19.5K Ohms.

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Dimarzio - DP 155

F spaced Tone Zone pickup. 16.22k DC Resistance. Four Conductor Wiring. w/box

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Carvin - C-22-B-1

Humbucker. Wired in parallel. Rated at a 13k w/ pots and box

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Carvin - C22J

Neck humbucker. Wired in parallel 15k. w/ pots and box

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PRS - Pickups

*SET OF THREE* Single Coils Pulled from a PRS - B 5.76, M 6.01k & N 5.74k

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KORG - PB-01

Pitchblack. Chromatic Pedal Tuner.

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Besson Musical Instruments - Electone Pickup

Made in England. Associate of Burns Corp. 6.59k ohm

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Seymour Duncan - Woody

Soundhole Acoustic Guitar Pickup! with little pouch!

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Squier - Vintage Modified Tele Pickups

Neck 7.05kΩ and Bridge 6.55kΩ from a Vintage Modified Telecaster - Includes Pots, Jack and Selector Switch. Comes in a EMG box.

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Seymour Duncan - Hot Rails

Made in USA. Pair of Hot Rails Pickups for Tele - STHR-1N and STHR-1B - 10.00kΩ and 15.37kΩ respectively. w/box

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Fender - Guitar Strap

Fender Monogrammed Guitar Strap Black/Yellow/Brown. Slightly used

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Greco - GT200C Clip Tuner

Clip-on tuner with large display and built in mic, rare, black like the niiiiite!

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