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M-Live - Merish 3

Merish 3 is a touchscreen workstation that plays backing tracks and music files in Midi and Mp3 format, also with lyrics. It incorporates a digital mixer with effects, harmonizer and equalizer. Merish 3 is also an Audio recorder and Midi File Editor. Merish 3’s new Midi sounds database includes: 386 Sampled sounds, 46 Drumkits with 480 samplings in a 128 Mb memory.
Includes great hard case, manual and stand with its own bag.

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Tone Generator. Sound Module. A/D Input. USB Connectivity. Requires power supply (Not included but we sell them new for $20)

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Hammond - XM-2

Drawbar Sound Module. 'Digital Tone-wheels' powered by a double VASEIII-engine.
B3 in a box! Made in Japan.
* ALSO INCLUDES HAMMOND XMc-2 Drawbar controller!
BOTH AS NEW! Includes boxes, manuals and power supply.

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AKAI - S2800

System Disc. Also compatible with S3000 and S3200 units

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Roland - JV-2080

64 Voice Synthesizer Module. Made in Japan.

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Roland - SC-88 VL

Sound Canvas MIDI sound module.
* Requires 9 volt DC power supply (Not included but we sell them new for $20)

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Roland - Sc-33

A desktop (aftertouch and velocity sensitive), 24 voice (multimbral), GS/GM compatible digital synthesizer, featuring an oscillator, a resonant low-pass filter, an ADR envelope, vibrato (with delay), portamento, reverb/chorus, 128 presets, 10 drum sets, and MIDI. (no PSU. Requires 12v AC)

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KORG - EX-800

Programmable Polyphonic Synthe Module. Circa 1984! The module version of the Korg Poly 800!
Eight-voice instrument (two more than the Juno series) with 64 memory patches.
One DCO per voice, although it features a Double mode in which the oscillators can be stacked up for a fuller sound and only four voices of polyphony. w/PSU

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Merish - Merish Plus

MERISH PLUS is your ultimate backing band, designed for singers, entertainers, solo artists, duo's, trios and even bands with drummers. Onboard MIDI sound engine, with all the latest sounds and effects - 625 instruments and 25 drum kits. Six separate instrument group sliders are provided for limitless flexibilty. For example, a duo that has an occasional bass player, lead guitarist, drummer, saxophone player or even a full string section or keyboards player can ‘slide out’ those parts without having to edit the MIDI Files. Midi backing tracks can be played in stereo, plus there is a separate click track output allowing drummers to play with sequenced tracks. Fully portable, easy to use, fast edits and with great on board sounds, the MERISH PLUS is your ultimate band in a box. with manual, power supply and ABS hard case.

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Proteus - Ensoniq Project Expansion ROM

32 MB expansion ROM for Urban Dance Project and Real World collections, Hip Hop and World sounds for E-MUs synth and filter architecture.

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Edirol - SD-20

Studio Canvas Sound Module. 660 Tones. 23 Drum Sets. 64 Voices. 32 Parts.
* can be powered via USB or power supply (not included)

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Roland - SC-8820

Sound Canvas. 1608 Tones. 64 Voices. 32 Parts. 64 Insertion Effects. *requires 9 volt DC power supply (we have them for $20)

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128 Voice Expandable COMMAND MODULE Model 9094.

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Roland - XV-5050

64 voice Synthesizer Module. *Made in Japan.
Great sounding unit!!

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Roland - Fantom-XR

128 Voice Synthesizer/Sampler Module. Made in Japan.

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YAMAHA - Motif Rack

ES Tone Generator. Made in Japan. USB connectivity. Includes power supply

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Roland - JV-1080

Super JV. 64 Voice Synth module. Made in Japan.
*240 volt

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Roland - U-20

Made in Japan RS-PCM Keyboard. **AS IS - Keyboard will initiliaze fine and can play all tones from the Timbre Edit Menu, but using the bank and patch buttons causes it to flip out and scramble the menu words! Battery changed but still reads 'LOW BATTERY'. Being sold cheap AS IS!**

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Original Data RAM Cartridge in Box. 32 Voice Patches!

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BOSS - DS-330

1990's Made in Japan - Features the Roland Sound Canvas Sounds! 16 Voice Banks and One Drum Bank set! Drum sets include standard, rock, jazz, power, electronic,hip-hop (including the famous TR-808 sounds) and more. A surprisingly powerful little synth! w/PSU

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