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Catalinbread - WIIO

HIWATT emulator. It's a Vintage HIWATT valve head in a box basically! "Not like a Plexi type of gain, it's more clean up top and sounds better!" **Current Product line up from Catalinbread Replaces this model with the RAH (Royal Albert Hall) pedal. w/box

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MXR - El Grande

Bass Fuzz. A "bass innovation".

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Source Audio - Soundblox 2

Soundblox 2 Dimension Reverb offers 12 distinct shades of reverb. Choose from 6 reflectively diverse room sounds, two plate and two spring reverbs, modulation reverb, and echo.

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Bass Synthesizer

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Electro-Harmonix - Freeze Nano

Sound Retainer. Includes box and manual

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Oddfellow Effects - Caveman Drive

Handmade in California, V1, extremely versatile and dynamic amp-like overdrive with boost preset to kick your solos over the band and annoy your singer. True Bypass switching.

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Boss - LS-2

Line Selector - The most versatile Line Switcher ever! A or B, A or Bypass, B or Bypass, A or B or Bypass (cycle) A+B or Bypass!

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LovePedal - Echo Baby

Made in USA, analogue delay, one knob control with internal trim pots for mix and feedback.

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MI AUDIO - Blue Boy Deluxe

Deluxe Overdrive, deluxe blue!

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O.E.M. - RSO V1

Red Square Overdrive - Handmade in Melbourne - Point to Point Handwired - Essentially Half a Big Muff! Aggressive and simple Distortion! **Ex-Prototype Stock - 3 Month Manufacturer Warranty**

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Keeley Engineering - Delay Workstation

A powerful, dual DSP processor delay and reverb machine.  Combining Keeley’s unique delay and reverb patches in an incredibly small package. With original Box, Pouch and candy.

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O.E.M. - Brown Russian

Handmade in Melbourne - Green Russian V7 Big Muff Clone! All Point to point handwired. **Ex-Prototype Stock - 3 Month Manufacturer Warranty**

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TC Electronic - Spark Booster

Clean boost... and then some! 26dB of BOOST! With gain control for added grit! Active 2-Band EQ! *With sticker IN BOX*

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Digital Delay. Blue label made in Taiwan

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Omnisonic - Deluxe Tube Amp Volume Control Box

Volume control box. Designed to go in the Effects Loop of an amp (Or preamp out and power amp in) so you can drive your amp to get the nice valve tones and keep the overall volume under control. Like a cheaper version of an attenuator.

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Joyo - Classic Flanger

Great analog flange sounds

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Morrison - Booster

Gain Booster. Boosts. Up. Up in volume. Up in soul. Up in vibe man!

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TWA - GD-02

Great Divide Analog Synth Octaver. Made in USA. Includes manual. Requires standard 9 volt DC power supply. Not included but we sell them for $20 brand new.

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JHS - Coulour Box

A hand made representation of a channel strip from a Neve 1073! Yes! In a stomp box!
From JHS: "We have gone to great lengths to bring the color and character of a real vintage console to your feet or desktop. We started with two gain stages in series that produce beautiful clean tones but that can also destroy any signal into a beautiful fuzzy mess, full of rich harmonics and body with over 39db of gain on tap. The local feedback of each gain stage makes for a very unique type of distortion. We used the same topology and discrete gain stage found in the Neve* 1073, but we have two gain stages in series instead of one. We use a high quality Lundahl transformer that adds weight, heft, and a 3D quality just like preamps that you will find costing much more. The transformer fattens the lows, adds harmonic complexity and richness to the midrange (kinda like stirring flour into your drippings to give you gravy) as well as smoothing and rounding of the high frequencies. It also blocks all DC voltages, adds electrical isolation, and blocks RF frequencies ensuring super quiet operation and noise floor."
Includes 18v power supply

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Frederic Effects - Klone Zombie

"Highly sought-after boutique overdrive. One of the finest and smallest klones you can buy. This is a 100% accurate electronic clone, with nothing added or removed from the original effect. So the buffer and charge pump circuitry are intact and it sounds great." Made in the UK!

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