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Marshall - The Guv'nor

Original early 90's model. With original box and manual!

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Pro Co - The Rat

Early 90s Vintage Rat Big Box Reissue w/ LM308N chip. One of the greatest sounding distortion pedals.

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Xtortion, pretty rare beast. Great condition, w/box & manual

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KORG - AX1500G

Made in Japan. Model signal processor w/box, manual & Power Supply

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Old Blood Noise Endeavours - Excess

High gain distortion, lush chorus and slapback delay in a selectable series or parallel signal path. Separate volume controls for both the Distortion and the Modulation effects. Modulation mode is changed via the secondary stompswitch which changes between chorus and delay. SERIES / PARALLEL toggle switch, Series mode, the Distortion effect flows into the Modulation effect, stacking their sound and volumes. In Parallel mode, the two effects are summed to a single output, resulting in a clear modulation with a distorted layer underneath, cleanly separated. With box, manual, sticker, pick and badge!

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BOSS - DD-20

Giga Delay Twin Pedal Digital Delay w/ manual

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TC Electronic - Hall Of Fame Mini

Reverb, mini version w/ box

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Electro-Harmonix - The worm

Wah/Phaser/Tremolo/Vibrato! Includes 24 volt Power Supply **EURO PSU with travel adaptor + box

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Joyo - PXL-PRO

Programable Looper Control Station 8-Channel Pedal Switcher with amp control **FX looper not phrase looper** w/ manual

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Fulltone - PlimSoul

For many, many years you've basically had 2 choices for your Overdrive/Distortion pedals: You could either get "Soft-clipped" Bluesy, slightly compressed, (Toob Screemer, FD2, etc.) type Overdrive pedals... or you could get "Hard-Clipped" (OCD, Distortion+, Boss DS-1, etc.) type Distortion pedals.

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TC Electronic - Corona Chorus

True bypass, stereo In + Out chorus. Designed in Denmark. w/ box

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Acoustic guitar pre-amplifier with limiter, feedback reduction, chorus, delay, reverb, mic simulation. *Needs Yamaha AC-10 12V AC power - not included.

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Reverb Processor (half rack size) - Made In Japan. * Requires 12 volt DC power supply (not included but we sell them new for $20)

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7 band Bass Graphic Equalizer *Made in Japan - Black Label (1 slider cap missing)

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Line 6 - PODHD500

Amp modeling and multi efffects for Guitar! Excellent Condition! w/Power Supply

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Korg - AX10G

Modeling signal processor. *Requires 9V DC power supply, we sell for $20

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Boss - ME-50B

Bass Multi Effects - Sweet Tones! Includes power supply.

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ZOOM - 506II Bass

Multi Effects unit for Bass! *Requires 9V DC power supply, we sell them for $20.

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ZOOM - 3000B

Advanced Bass Effects Processor, for advanced bass players. *Needs 9V DC power supply, we sell them for $20.

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VOX - Snake Charmer Compressor

Cooltron Series. Featuring sweet tube technology

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