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AP - Case

Hardcase to suit Jazzmaster or Jaguar, Silver finish! with keys.

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Excellent hardcase to suit Strat or Tele style electric guitar.

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Unknown - Mic stand

PAIR of Desk Mount, spring loaded extending stands with built in cable and clip, plus bag

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Hercules - GS4328

Heavy duty, 3 axe stand! With pistol grip quick release, adjustable action.

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Rock Driver - Pedalboard RD-B

Metal pedalboard with velcro fitted, in heavy duty road case with wheels and extendable handle, pedalboard 56 x 31.6 x 5cm

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Spectrum - Professional PA Stand

Elevate your monitoring with this beauty! Heavy duty. Good condition.

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CNB - Bass case

Bass Hard Case. Suit Fender Style P-Bass, Jazz Bass, Telecaster Bass etc.

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Diago - Pedal Board

102cm x 45cm x 7~9cm (Squishy Foam Top on inside) Internal Dimensions.

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Nova Forge - Keyboard Case

125 x 29 x 9 cm internal dimensions

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Fane Acoustics. - Ultimate Speaker Stand

PAIR - Made by Total Recoil - Air Filled / Hydraulic Chamber Speaker Stands. When the locking pin is removed, the extendable shaft with speaker still attached slowly descends on a cushion of air! No more struggling to remove the PA monitors at the end of the show! Very well made! NEW OLD STOCK! **Price is for a Pair!*

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Fane Acoustics. - Ultimate Boom Stand

Incredibly Well Engineered Double Boom Stand - Quick Grip Release Height Adjustment, and dual shaft boom arm. Bullet Proof! Made by Total Recoil - *New old Stock!*

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Ibanez - Artcore Case

Case to suit the Ibanez AM93 Artcore Guitar and Similar - In Excellent condition - A very plush and nice case!

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DP Stage - 3U Case

3 Space Rack Case with lids! Shallow (about 30cm deep).

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SKB - 4U

4 Space - FULL DEPTH rack case w/ lids

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Diago - PB03

'Showman' Pedal Case/Board. Internal dimensions: 75 x 35 x 8 cm

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Mooer - Pedal Case

6 Space Case with Reticulation Cable for power! Lid comes off for instant gig-ready deployment!

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Martinez - Foam Case

Foam case, with carry strap. For Acoustics

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Ashton - Mic Stand

*As New* w/ cable xlr to xlr, clip and bag

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PSG - Road Case

to suit 1x10" or 1x12" like a Fender Blues Junior, Princeton, Mesa combo etc. Internal dimensions = 28 x 53 x 46 cm. On castors

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Gator - Case

Rectangle Case to suit Dean Esque Vee Shapes, Flying V, Explorer etc!

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