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Soldano - SYNERGY SLO Preamp Module

Super Lead Overdrive! With the SLO preamp module, Synergy Amplification worked closely with Mike Soldano to replicate what makes the SLO one of the leaders in high-gain. Like the amp, this module boasts two channels for effortless footswitching between two all-tube tones. Simply slide the Synergy SLO preamp module into your Synergy-base rig, and you're instantly transported into the tones of such legendary guitarists as Eric Clapton, Warren DiMartini, and Warren Haynes.
Includes Box and manual. EXCELLENT CONDITION!

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Behringer - MIC100

Tube ultragain preamp w/box, manual. * Requires 9 volt AC power supply (Not included but we sell them new for $39)

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TL Audio - PA-1

Dual Pentode Valve Preamp. Valve Classics series. Made in England. Very nice!

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Studio Projects - VTB1

V Series Tube Mic Preamp w/Power Supply

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ART - Studio V3

Variable voiced tube mic/instrument preamp.
*Requires 9 volt AC power supply (Hot included but we sell them new for $39)

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Mesa/Boogie - V-TWIN

2 channel Valve Preamp Made in USA w/power supply. VERY NICE! **CLEAN CHANNEL LED NO GO**

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Tube Works - RT-922

Two Channel Tube Preamp. Concept and Design by B. K. Butler. Made in USA! **110 volt - requires step-down transformer - Not included**

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Paia - 9210 Stack in a Box

Tube Overdrive! Straight tube preamp! Double Rack Size FACE PLATE with no real depth! Very Cool! Hardwired PSU

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