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Laney - LH50R

50 watt 2 channel, 6L6 Class A Valve head Made in UK. Mod with reverb disconnected, and added FX loop.

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Hughes & Kettner - Tube Meister 36

36 watt valve head. Switchable to 18, 5 and 1 watt. Also as a DI with the Hughes and Kettner "Red Box" built in. Power Soak. MIDI controllable. Includes carry bag, manual and 2 button footswitch.

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Diamond - Spitfire II

Two hannel all valve head. Swithcable 50/100 watts. Running EL34 tubes. Hand made in Texas, USA. Very very nice! Includes foot switch

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Mesa/Boogie - Lone Star Special

Pure Class A, EL-84 Power! Featuring channel assignable power that allows you to assign 1, 2 or all 4 EL-84's to either of its 2 Channels for independent Power Ratings of 5, 15 or 30 Watts! Switchable 5/15/30 watt w/Footswitch & Canvas Cover. Includes manual & paperwork

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Legacy - Hammerhead 50

50 Watt tube head at 4, 8 and 16Ω. (switchable to 25) Gain and Clean channel (single input), contour control, and reverb. EL34 Valves. Re-Badged Epiphone So-Cal 50!

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ValveTone - IMPACT MkIV

Australian made, hand wired, point-to-point.
All valve 2 watts, using 2 x 6F4P and 1 x 12AX7
Master Volume control. 8 hm speaker output, can also drive 4 or 16 ohm cabs.
Enhanced gain control available using a two button footswitch (not included)
Single tone control, augmented by 3-way 'gain' and 'bright' switches
Line Out socket for connection to mixing desk or larger amp
Includes spare set of 6F4P output valves
BRAND NEW with 12 Month Warranty
Check out: **Installed in a "basic but robust" raw pine sleeve

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Marshall - JCM 2000 DSL 50

2005 Made in UK 50 Watt RMS Head - Twin Channel Head With Reverb - With Footswitch

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Egnater - Rebel-30 MKII

30 Twin Channel Watt Valve Head with reverb w/soft carry case and footswitch.

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Line 6 - SPIDER Valve MKII HD100

100 watt valve head, designed by Bogner! Onboard amp modelling and effects.

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Fender - Prosonic Amp

1996 50th Anniversary Edition 60 watt 2 channel all valve head. In Sea Foam Green Lizard tolex. Made in USA. Very very nice!

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1967 Made in Australia, 40w head. Just serviced by Tim Evans


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Marshall - JMP MK2 lead

1978 Master Model 50w (modded from a 100w) Mk 2 Lead. Modded with effects loop, ohms selector and white tolex. Very awesome classic rocking amp. With Rockbag amp cover.

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ValveTone - Hilite 45

Hand Wired point-to-point "HIWATT DR103 Themed" 45 watt Valve Head Running EL34 power valves w/Master Volume. Clean Headroom, good platform for Pedals! 4 & 8 Ω Hand crafted in Australia. EXCELLENT CONDITION!

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ValveTone - Lean Boris

Australian made, fully wired point-to-point by hand.
All Valve, 10 Watts, 2 x 6F3P, 1 x 6N2P, 1 x 6F12P
Includes a spare 6N2P and 6F12P Valve **
Unique Preamp Circuit using Soviet era Russian Tubes.
The 6F12P runs a Pentode Grid/Supressor/Beam system offering notable harmonic complexity.
Vox inspired 2-Way tone controls and cut control.
8 and 16 ohm outputs but also runs a 4 ohm load with no consequence.

**Prototype Raw Shell Case model with 3 Month Warranty**

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Marshall - JCM 2000 TSL 100

TRIPLE SUPER LEAD 100 watt 3 channel. Choke added for stabilisation. Bias mod added for bias stability. New JJ's power and Preamp tubes. Finished in Snake Skin tolex. w/ footswitch

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Krank - Revolution Series 1

100 watt All Valve head. Made in USA. 2 channels.

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Peavey - Windsor

Designed in the USA. Made in China. Sounds like the UK. 100 watt Valve head. High and Low gain inputs. Choke added for stabilisation.Preamp modified to be replica of JCM 800. Comes with 2x12 Ply Cabinet with Warehouse British Lead speakers. 8 ohm mono / 16 ohm stereo. w/ footswitch

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Hughes & Kettner - Switchblade 100

100 Watt Tube Head with onboard digital effects! With 7-Way footswitch allowing 128 Patches over 32 Banks (4 Channel) and Tap Delay control! Also with Manual and speaker lead!

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Maytone - Handwired Head

Made in Melbourne. Handwired. Dirt channel is close to a "Train Wreck Rocket". Matchless style tone. 50 watts.

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Phaez - Altona

Made in Canada. 2011. This is a one off. Hand wired. Dumble style. Rated about 20 watts.

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