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Fender - Twin Reverb-Amp

Made in USA. 1968. 85 watts. Transition Black Face AB763 circuit Silver Face iappearance. Recently serviced. Fixed to 240 Volts. VIBRATO and REVERB sound great. w/ foot pedal + brown vinyl cover of scant import

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Fender - Musicmaster Bass

1979 Made in USA. Vintage valve combo. 12 watts 1x12". In GREAT condition! Originally made for bass but sounds great on guitar! Includes cover

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Strauss - SVT-10

10 Watt Combo Guitar Amp! Single Ended 6L6 Tube Power Section! Nice Fender Esque Tones! *Stripped cabinet

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VOX - VT30

Valvetronix 30 watt 1x12" with onboard effects. *Includes VOX VFS5 footswitch

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Traynor - YCV80

Custom Valve 80 2x12, 2 channel. Celestion speakers. With 2 way footswitch.

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Fender - Deluxe Reverb Amp

ORIGINAL! Vintage 1967 Blackface Deluxe Reverb Amp!
22 Watts, 1 x 12" Speaker! ALL TUBE! Including the Tube Rectifier!
Onboard reverb and tremolo.
240 volt operation. VERY NICE!
* Slight tear in speaker cone. Would need a glue. Still sounds great though. Just a bit fuzzy on the low notes at volume.
Includes original two way foot switch.

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MusicMan - 210-RD

100 watt 2X10" valve combo with onboard Reverb. Made in USA 1980.
All original!
* Just serviced by Ross Giles. Sounds awesome!
Includes foot switch

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Laney - VC30

2 channel 30 watt 1x12" class A All Valve combo. Made in UK. HH Invader speaker. Includes foot switch

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Fender - Blues Junior

15 watt 1x12" MIM w/reverb

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VOX - AC30C2

Custom Series 30 Watt 2x12" with Celestion GM12 Greenback speakers Never been gigged!!

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Fender - Concert

80's 60 watt 1x12" made in USA. Very low use since Full service at TR Evans. Original speaker replaced with a JBL Pro series 2202A. Lush tube reverb! with footswitch.

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Rex - Bass King

Made in Australia. BA200A 1960s, 2 Channel 20 Watt 1X12" valve combo running 2 x EL84 power tubes. Loaded with HH invader.

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Fender - Hot Rod Deluxe III

Tweed Limited Edition. 2 Channel 40 watt 1X12" *Made in Mexico. w/ manual, tags, footswitch & slip cover

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Behringer - AC108

AC108 Vintager. 15 Watt Vacuum Tube Amplifier. With ugpgraded speaker and EHX tube.

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Fender - Hot Rod DeVille

2 channel 60 watt 2x12" valve Combo. Made in USA.
Includes footswitch and dust cover.

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Fender - Hot Rod Deluxe

EXCELLENT CONDITION! BARELY USED! Circa 2011. 2 Channel 40 watt 1X12" *Made in Mexico. Includes 2 way footswitch and manual and cover!

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Fender - Hot Rod DeVille

2 channel 60 watt 2x12" valve Combo. Made in Mexico. Includes footswitch, cover and manual!

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Peavey - Deuce

120 Watt 2X12" Hybrid valve/solidstate combo built in Phaser! + Reverb! *Being Sold AS IS - Buzz in speakers and Phaser not phasing!

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2 channel 2x12" 30 Watt Class A Valve combo. Vintage 30 Celestion speakers

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Mesa Engineering - Dual Rectifier Roadster

100 Watt Multiwatt power, 4 channel , 212 closed back combo with reverb, hard bypass series effects loop, footswitch. 120V with 240V Transformer supplied.

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