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Abbey - 2 X 12"

2 x 12" open Back Speaker Cab loaded with a Celestion G12M (Greenback) and a Lorantz Greenback Clone Each rated at 25 Watts 8ohm wired in Series for a total handling of 50 Watts at 16Ω!

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1x8" 20w Guitar Speaker Cabinet 8ohm. Cool little cab.

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Radoports - Speaker Cabinet

'50s cab. Made in NSW! Very clean condition. *UNLOADED* Fits 12" Speaker.

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Randall - RX412

4x12 straight front, 200 watts @ 8ohm. Randall 50 watt Jaguar speakers. On castors

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Valvetone - 212 Speaker Cab

Custom made 2 x 12 upright slanted front cab with Celestion G12H Greenback made in UK Speakers, 60 W, 8 ohms.

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Jet City - Jet Stream ISO 12

100w Isolation cabinet, 12 inch speaker at 16 ohms, with Shure Beta 58A inside cab and XLR output.

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Unbranded - Speaker cabinet

2x12". 50 watts 8 ohms. Plessey C12P and Lorantz speakers. Nice and compact! Was originally a 2x10" cab.

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Leslie - Leslie 16

The smallest Leslie, designed for guitars by CBS, single 10" speaker with rotating 15" baffle, takes the extension speaker output of a guitar amp. 1967-72. The sound of The Beatles, Mike Campbell, David Gilmour, Stevie Ray Vaughan on Cold Shot, Little Wing. Immaculate condition with 6 pin adaptor and speed control.

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Unbranded - 410 Cab

410 Speaker cab, 16 ohms, solid corners and recessed handles, with speaker cable, unknown wattage - no name speakers but look high quality.

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Peavey - 5150 SLANT

300 Watt 4X12" 16Ω quad box. *Made in USA

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AAA - Rare Chemistry

2 x 12" Stereo Speaker Cabinet - Ported Back and Front (Can house a Marshall 50 Watt Head (Plexi Shape)) - 1 x 12" 50 Watt 8 Ohm UK celestion Greenback (Voice Coil and Cone upgraded by Total Recoil) AND 1 x 12" 50 Watt Vintage 1960's Rola 12U Alnico Speaker 8 ohms (Cone and Voice Coil Upgraded by Total Recoil) - 2 x Separate 8 Ohm Inputs.

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Framus - Cobra

4 x 12 speaker cab, recessed handles, tough grill, WGS British Lead speakers 320W, 16ohms.

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Plessey - 12UX

Rola Model. Made in Australia 1950s and 60s. Alnico magnet. Top of the range for their time. **1 speaker not tested but the cone is very stiff and will not be working to full effect** SOLD AS IS Approx 50 watts. 15 ohm

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Marshall - 1960BV

Made in England. 2011. Excellent condition. 280 watt 4X12" with Marshall 70 Watt Celestion Vintage 30s. w/ castors

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Orange - PPC212

120W 16Ω 2x12" Open Back Speaker cab. Celestion vintage 30 G12's. GREAT CONDITION. AS NEW!

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Blackstar - HT-408

60w 4x8 Extension Speaker Cab Cabinet

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Gallien-Krueger - 410 RSH

4 ohms 800 watts 4x10. Very good condition. On castors.

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Ampeg - SVT-810E

Fridge!!! Big!!! Totally Awesome! 800w (4 ohms mono) 400w (8 ohms dual) **Tolex a bit rough but rock'n'roll**

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Unbranded - 18 Sub

Unknown 18" speaker cab estimated 500W at 8 ohms.

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Unbranded - 18 Sub

Unknown 18" speaker cab estimated 500W at 8 ohms.

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